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sound passage of disturbance through the air or another medium. vibratory energy transmitted by pressure waves in the air or other media. has potential to do work, does not pass though a vacuum.
wave disturbance of a medium. particles are temporarily dispalced and then resutrn to their original position.
longitudinal waves particles of the medium are displaced in a direction parallel to energy transport (tuning fork)(sound)
transverse waves particles of the medium are displaced in a direction perpendicular to the direction of energy transport.
eleasticity restoring force. ability of an object to return to its initial position.
intertia tendency of a body to remain in motion when in motion and to remain at rest when at rest.
vibration movement of an object from one point in space to another point and back again to the first point.
damping effect on an objec that reduces the amplitude of oscillation of an object causing the object to come to a stop.
sinusoidal motion vibration of pendulum is aperiodic.
simple harmonic motion periodic. repeats itself at standard intervals in a specific manner. charcterized by amplitude, period, frequency, phase.
amplitude how big the motion is. (measured in dB
period how long it takes time it takes to complete one cycle. properties of sine wave
frequency number of cycles per unit. measures in hertz properties of sine wave
phase determines the starting point on the sine wave. defined in degrees of angle 0-360
wavelength distance that a sound wave disturbance travels during one complete cycle.
velocity speed of sound. describes how much the wave travels in a certain amount of time
intantenous amplitude dispalcement of a sine wave varies with time.
peak to peak amplitude from maximum positive peak to the maximum negative peak.
root mean square amplitude square root of the average amplitude squared, . 7 time the peak amplitude.
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