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Review for Exam

Which of the following is NOT a physical property of water? It is composed of hydrogen and Oxygen
The properties of a compound are the same as the properties of the element that is present in the largest proportion of the compound. T/F? False
Appears the same throughout--same stuff Homogeneous
A chemical bonding of two or more different atoms compound
A physical separation of a mixture of two liquids using boiling points distolation
A physical separation of a mixture by particle size using a porous barrier filtration
a physical blend of two or more substances mixture
not uniform in composition Heterogeneous mixture
One of the differences between a mixture and a compound is that ... a compound can only be separated into its components by chemical means
a compound can only be separated into its components by chemical means Has fixed ration of elements that it is made of
Which is the separation technique that relies on the different boiling points of the parts of the mixture? distillation
Matter that has a uniform and unchanging composition is called a pure substance. T/F? True
Which of the following descriptions best classifies aluminum foil? Homogeneous pure element
Mixtures can be separated by a series of physical changes. T/F? True
Matter is defined as anything that... has matter and takes up space
silver is classified as an element
table salt is classified as an compound
chocolate chip cookie is classified as an mixture
fresh-squeezed orange juice is a mixture
Seawater is a pure substance T/F? False
The magnetization of an iron rod is an example of a chemical change. T/F? False
An 8.00-g sample of aluminum reacts with oxygen to form 15.20 g of aluminum oxide. How many grams of oxygen are used in the reaction? 7.20 g
Which of the following processes does NOT involve a change in chemical properties? boiling
A chemical composition of two or more different elements joined together in fixed proportions is known as a/an ____ compound
Which is NOT a chemical change ingredients for a cake are stirred together
Which is the state of matter that has a definite shape and definite volume? solid
Which term is described as the amount of matter in an object mass
Which of the following substances is an element? Iron
An object has a mass of 26.94 grams and a volume of 2.568 cubic centimeters. What material is it likely to be made of? Silver (10.49)
Which of the following are physical changes? Ice melts to form water and sugar dissolves in water
A compound is... a fixed ration of elements that is is made of.
Which scientist described the existence of the neutron? Chadwick
How many protons, electrons and neutrons does an atom with an atomic number 50 and a mass number of 120 contain? 50 protons, 50 electrons and 70 neutrons
Stated at all elements were made of atoms and the atoms for the same element were all alike. Elements combine in definite proportions. Dalton
Electrons orbit around the nucleus. Bohr
Discovered Atoms as mostly empty space with a positive nucleus. Rutherford
Plum Pudding model. Electrons in a sea of positive charge Thomson
Said Atoms were the smallest piece of matter and could not be cut. Democritus
Which is the number of neutrons in 80/35 45
An element has an atomic number of 80. How many protons and electrons are in a neutral atom of the element? 80 protons/electrons
According to the modern concept of the atom, which are located in the nucleus of an atom? Protons and Neutrons
Which element has 14 protons? Silicon
All atoms of the same element have the same... number of protons
the central part of a an atom, containing protons and neutrons nucleus
a negatively charged subatomic particle electron
the smallest part of a of an element that retains the properties of that element atom
a subatomic particle with no charge neutron
a positively charged subatomic particle proton
Which has a charge of +1? proton
When a chemical change occurs, the products have a greater mass than the reactants? T/F? False
the average mass of a naturally occuring element is very close to the mass of the elements most abundant isotope. T/F? True
What is true about atoms? Atoms are made up of mostly empty space with a small dense nucleus, 99.9% of the mass of the atom is in the nucleus but the nucleus makes up less than 1% of the volume
Strong force is the energy that binds a nucleus of an atom together. T/F? True
An atom of an element is unstable when it has to few or to many protons compared to the number of neutrons. T/F? True
Isotopes are forms of an element that have the same number of protons but a different number of electrons. T/F? False
The average mass of a naturally occurring element is very close to the mass of the heaviest isotope of that element. T/F? False
The mass of a neutron is approximately equal to the mass of a proton True
Valence electrons are the electrons in outside orbitals of: s and p
The number of electrons in an orbital depends on the orbital’s shape. false
there are a total of 5 different types of d-orbital true
Which block contains 5 orbitals? D
Which is the halogen that is in Period 5? Iodine
Which is the energy level that is being filled by electrons in the transition elements of period 5? fourth
In which pair is the one on the left larger than the one on the right? K, K+
Which correctly describes elements in the same group? They have the same number of valence electrons
The radius of an atom is defined as half the distance between the nuclei of two adjacent or bonded atoms of that element. T/F? True
An element can be identified by the characteristic bright-line atomic emission spectrum it can produce. T/F? true
The electronegativity of elements increases from left to right and from top to bottom on the periodic table. F/T? False
Why do copper compounds turn green when placed in a fire? Coppers electrons absorbs a specific amount of energy and then releases it in the form of a green flame
Which is a transition element with five d-block electrons in energy level 4? Technicium (Tc)
Valence refers to the total number of electrons that exist in the orbitals that occupy the outermost energy level of an atom. T/F? True
Which is defined as the energy required to remove an electron from an atom of an element in the gaseous state? Ionization energy
Which category of elements is commonly used to make computer chips and solar cells due to their ability to conduct electricity only under certain conditions? metalloids
All of the nonmetals on the periodic table are gases. T/F? False
The electronegativity of elements increases from left to right and from top to bottom on the periodic table. T/F? False
Elements in the same family tend to have the same number of valence electrons. T/F? True
When an atom loses electrons, its radius gets smaller. T/F? True
How many single covalent bonds can carbon form? 4
What two conditions have to happen for a molecule to be polar? Asymetrical Molecule,an Electronegativity difference between .4 and 1.7
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