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List 12 Vocabulary

Vocabulary List 12

Sthen Strength
Sthenia Excessive vitality or force
Fac To Do
Facsimile An exact replica or copy
Lepsy Attack
Epilepsy A disorder of the nervous system characterized by loss of bodily control
Spec Look
Speculative Having to do with theory rather than facts
Pot Drink
Potable Fit or suitable for drinking
Scen Stage
Transcend To go beyond; exceed
Gran Grain
Granular Composed of very small grain-like particles
Drome Run
Dromomania An uncontrollable desire to travel or wander
Kin Motion
Kinesthetic The sensation of movement or strain in the muscles, tendons, and joints
Eu Good
Euphoria A state of intense happiness or pleasure
Abasement The act of humiliating or degrading
Nullify To make void; invalidate
Replete Filled or Well-supplied with something
Enigma A person or thing that is mysterious or puzzling
Harbinger A person or thing that foreshadows something to come
Blatant Done openly; obvious
Crepuscular Relating to twilight
Accolade An award, privilege, or honor
Acquiesce To accept reluctantly
Curtail To reduce or restrict
Created by: GCSEnglish11