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physics chap5


The ability to recover an original shape after being deformed by an external force? Elasticity
The tendency to resist flexing or deforming? Rigidity
The amount of deformation required to bring a material to its elastic limit? Resilience
The point at which a material cannot return to its original shape? Elastic limit
the maximum amount of relative deformation that may be permanently placed upon an object? Plasticity
Large solid bars of newly refined metal are called? Mechanical workings
when metal is squeezed between 2 dies? Forging
Metal is pressed by a series of heavy rollers? rolling
The property of metal that allows it to be hammered? Malleability
Ability of a metal to be wired? Ductility
the stretching or compressing force of a load? The tensile force
A force acting against the tensile force? The restorative force
Law that states that the force of a wire pulling upward is proportional to its displacement downward and that restorative force acts in the opposite direction of the displacement? Hooke's Law
This is defined as the deformative tensil force per unit cross-sectional area? Stress
The relative amount of deformation or the ration of change compared to the original length?? Strain
when a tensile force is applied perpendicularly to a stressed object it is subject to? Tensile stress (tension)
The maximum stress a material can sustain without breaking? ultimate tensile limit
the distance at where there is no attraction or repulsion? equilibrium
The combination of 2 opposing forces along parallel lines of action? Shear
Stress that causes bulk deformation? Volume stress
Created by: Kyle Witt