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List 11 Vocabulary

Ist One Who
Deist A person who believes that God created the world but does not intervene in human affairs.
Ten Hold
Tenable Capable of being maintained or defended (typically against opposition or dispute)
Locu Talk
Locution One's particular style of speech or verbal expression
Apo Away
Apogee The highest or most distant point (as in orbit)
Rid Laugh
Deride To mock or laugh at in contempt
Dia Across
Dialectic A logical or reasonable discussion or argument
Circum Around
Circumspect Cautious; discreet; prudent
Nunc Declare
Enunciate To utter or pronounce in a particular manner
Cup Desire
Cupidity Eager or excessive desire, especially to possess something
Soph Wisdom
Sophomoric Intellectually pretentious, overconfident, or conceited
Fraught Full of, filled, or laden with
Disquieting Lacking calm or peace; anxious
Emaciated Marked by abnormal thinness caused by inadequate nutrition or disease
Innocuous Harmless
Burgeon Begin to grow or increase rapidly; flourish
Corollary A direct or natural consequence/result of something
Digress To leave the main subject temporarily in speech or writing
Minutiae The small, precise, or trivial details of something
Alacrity Eagerness; speed
Pallid Lacking color; pale
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