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Specimen Collection

Specimen Collection and Quality Control

What does an accurate chemical analysis depend on? Proper collection, preservation, processing, method of analysis
What is the ideal time for lab measurements to be performed? 1 Hour or remove serum from clot within 2 hours.
Why are specimens preserved? sample retained long enough to repeat if necessary.
What sample is most often used for chemical analysis? Serum (fasting), no food/bev. other than water and meds for at least 12 hours.
What is plasma? Liquid portion of the circulating blood, contains fibrinogen and clotting factors.
What is serum? Liquid portion of blood with fibrinogen and clotting factors removed. (Gold/Red Plastic Tubes)
What is the Thixotropic gel used for? Separates Serum or plasma from the cells, prevents shifts of substances and prevents Glycolysis.
What Vacutainer is used to collect serum and why Gold or Red/Grey or Red Tubes. Serum not plasma no anticoagulants.
How is a gold top tube processed? Invert 5 times, do not remove stopper , Do not centrifuge immediately after drawing.
How long should a Gold Top tube sit before centrifuging? allow to clot upright, 30 but not more than 60 minutes, Centrifuge at least 10-15 minutes.
How long should a Transport tube be centrifuged? Transport tube (Red/Grey) has extra gel inside and should be centrifuged for 15 minutes.
Hemolyzed Serums (plasma). Liquid is a clear/red color
Icteric (jaundiced, hyper bilirubinemia) Liquid portion of blood is brownish/yellow
Lipemic Liquid portion of blood/serum is milky-white. (lipids)
Accuracy True or actual Value
Precision Repeatability (ability to get same answer again)
Normal Value The average result of Healthy individuals plus or minus 2 Standard deviations.
Batch or Run specimens analyzed at the same time
Calibrator used to set machine values
Control must fall within acceptable range before patient values can be reported.
What four things does the control check for? Reagents, Instrument, operator, environment (temp/humidity)
What steps should you follow if a control falls outside of the acceptable range? check everything, retest same control vial, new vial of control, recalibrate, call customer service as a last resort
Important things about Controls Made from human blood products, 2 expiration dates, one open the other not, open varies depending on Control, acceptable range published by manuf.
duplicate Determination measure one specimen in a batch twice
CLIA '88 Regulations for Labs,
Non-Waived Tests,High Complexity, Moderately Waived subjected to more regulations
Waived exempted from most regulations, results are not life threatening, must remember to do Q/C as specified by kit manuf. and keep Q/C records for 2 years,.
Created by: charndoug