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GRE Vocab

lucubration intense study
refractory rebellious
lugubrious sad or dismal sounding
prolix wordy (too many words)
indigent poor
polemical controversial (at the poles)
belie disguise or betray
prodigal wastefully extravagent
profligate same as prodigal, dissolute
pellucid translucent
prosaic prose-like, the opposite of poetry, commonplace, unromantic
hackneyed overused, trite, cliché
restive restless (unless talking about horses)
vociferous vehement or clamorous
circumscribed restricted, limited
diffidence modesty, shyness
pulchritude beauty
encomium speech of praise
panegyric speech of praise
paean song of praise
plaudits praise
prate prattle
demur object, be reluctant
phlegmatic unemotional, stolidly clam
stolid calm
indolent lazy
torpid lethargic
tumid swollen or pompous
bilious bad-tempered
chauvinism exaggerated or aggressive patriotism or support for one’s own group
jingoism extreme patriotism
impecunious poor (having little or no money)
penurious extremely poor (penury = poverty)
laconic concise, using few words
grouse complain
attenuate reduce
synoptic involving summary (as in synopsis)
ignominious shameful, disgraceful
chary wary
ingenuous innocent, naïve (as in ingenue)
circumspect risk-averse, cautious (as in ‘looking around’)
staid sedate, respectable and unadventurous
prevaricate be evasive
jetsam unwanted material
abjure renounce
repudiate refuse to accept, deny the truth or validity of
hermetic complete, airtight, insulated, esoteric
disaffected dissatisfied with the people in authority
inalienable can't be taken away
turbid cloudy, opaque
turgid swollen, distended, pompous, tumid
fastidious very attentive to detail, clean
gainsay deny, contradict, oppose, naysay
sedition action/speech inciting rebellion
nugatory futile, of no importance or value
obviate remove the need for, prevent, avoid
preempt take action in advance
quondam formerly
contravene conflict with, violate a law or rule
malinger fake illness to get out of work
abattoir slaughterhouse
maverick unconventional or independent-minded person
levy (vs. levee) tax
scintilla tiny trace or spark
sapient wise
fugacious fleeting, ephemeral
evanescent fleeting, ephemeral
eleemosynary charitable
provident thinking about the future, timely
arrogate take something without justification (like appropriate something with arrogance)
dilate (2nd meaning) speak at length (go on and on, expand, expound)
expatiate speak or write at length, in detail
continence self-restraint, ability to control oneself
equivocate use ambiguous language to avoid the truth
dither be indecisive
tergiversate change sides, equivocate
myrmidon hired gun, ruffian
obsequious obedient, servile (a toady)
truckle (v.) behave obsequiously
spartan indifferent to luxury, basic, not luxurious
declivity downward slope
declination formal refusal
acclivity upward slope
dissolution debauchery, or the dissolving of something
licentious promiscuous, or taking license, i.e. liberties, disregarding the rules
anodyne painkiller, OR something that's inoffensive, maybe 'boring but safe'
perfervid intense, impassioned
intransigent unwilling to change one's views, entrenched
obdurate stubborn, intractable
obstreperous noisy, difficult to control, rowdy
penury poverty
hector to bully
inchoate developing, just begun, incipient
scurrilous insulting, damaging to someone's reputation
apostate abandoning religious faith or principle (or person who abandons their faith)
quietus death, release from life
sinecure a job with little work required but high status/benefits
interregnum pause, esp. between governments or regimes
potlatch opulent party/ceremony, esp. to display wealth
rota a shared job (rotation)
otiose serving no practical purpose or result, impractical, pointless
calumny slander
approbation approval, praise
exigent pressing, demanding
precipitate (v.) cause to happen suddenly; (adj.) happening suddenly or without careful consideration
pertinacious holding fast, persistent, persevering, tenacious
sedulous showing dedication and diligence
multifarious many and of various types
repugnate fight against, oppose
temperance self-restraint, moderation, abstinance
didactic intended to teach, esp. in a moralizing or patronizing way
iconoclast person who attacks cherished beliefs (literally, icon-breaker)
dogmatic claiming something is incontrovertibly true
sartorial related to clothes or tailoring
quixotic exceedingly idealistic, unrealistic, impractical
practicable useful, put into practice successfully (does not mean practical)
probity strong moral principles, honesty, decency
disapprobation strong disapproval
inimical unfriendly, hostile, harmful
saturnine slow and gloomy
saturnalia wild revelry
Created by: rebeccakraut
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