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What is the relative atomic mass of an electron? 1/2000
What isotope is used as the standard against which massas are measured? Carbon-12
What is the relative formular mass of CO2 44
There a 4 moles of potassium oxide, what is the mass of the compound? 376.8g
There is 48000cm of carbon monoxide in the room. how many moles is this 2
balance: HNO3+MgO=Mg(NO3)2+H2O 2HNO3+MgO>Mg(NO3)2+H2O
a litre of HCl with a concentration of 25 moles/dm concentrations. how many moles is there? 25 moles
It takes 25dm of a acid to neutralise 30dm of an alkali with a concentration of 2moles/dm how many moles is the acid when the formula has equal number of each compound? (NaOH+HCl) 60 moles
Define Acid A species that is a proton (H+ ion) donor
H2SO4+aq= 2H++SO4-
Define Base Aspecies that is a proton (H+ ion) acceptor
Define Alkali A type of base that dissolves in water to form (OH-) ions
What is the Oxidation no. of combined oxygens? -2
What has been done to an element if the oxidition number becomes more positive? It has been oxidised
What has been done to an element when the oxidation number becomes more negative? It has been reduced
What does the roman numerals stand for in Iron (III)? Its oxidation number is +3
In a half equation Magnesium becomes what? Mg2+ and 2e-
What has been oxidised in this equation, Hcl+NaOH=NaCl+H2O Cl
how many electrons does O have? 8
How many electrons does O1- have? 9
What sub shell is the outer electrons of Oxygen in? 2 P-block
What two types elements join in an ionic bond? Metal and Non-metal
What is the charge on a carbonate ion? 2-
What two types of elements join in a covalent bond? Non-metal and Non-metal
What is the angle size of NH3? 107 degrees
Going down the period what happens to the electronegativity? increases
Describe a metallic bond? A large amount of positive ions in a "sea of delocalised electrons"
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