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Stuart Little

Vocabulary for Stuart Little

anxious nervous, excited
barometer tool used to determine expected weather
bronchitis inflammation of the bronchial tubes
clothespin a small clamp used to hold clothes on a line
collision two or more objects crashing together
conversation exchange of ideas by spoken word
diminutive very small
discipline to obey rules
enthusiasm intense and eager enjoyment
gauze thin translucent fabric
ominous scary, foreboding
refreshing give new strength
sarsaparilla soda flavored with sassafras
sauntered walk leisurely
schooners boats with 2 masts and masts at the front and back
seldom not often
shrill loud piercing sound
sloops boats with one mast and jib
spectacles glasses
swindled use deception to take money or things
trousers pants
uneasy feeling ill at ease
wedged stuck between other things
worsted smooth, wool yarn
Created by: stillman