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Word Problems

Multiplication and Division Word Problems

A singer sings 17 songs at each concert. If he performs at 46 concerts, how many songs did he sing in all? He sings 782 songs in all.
There are 5,394 apples at the apple orchard. The farmer packs them up into boxes with 8 apples in each box. How many apples will not get packed? There will be 2 apples left over so they will not get packed.
A snail moves 5,385 feet in a week. How many feet does the snail move in 8 weeks? The snail moves 43,080 feet in all.
Lillian has 845 beads. She wants to buy more beads so she buys 5 boxes. There are 249 beads in each box. How many beads does Lillian have in all? Lillian has 2,090 beads in all now. (2 step problem)
Jorge and his friends are reading for a competition. Together, they read 5,916 pages. How many pages did each boy read if there are 6 boys? Each boy read 986 pages.
9,385 students are participating in Carpool to School Day. If each car is able to fit 6 students, how many cars will be needed to get all of the kids to school? They will need 1,565 cars to get all of the kids to school.
Manny had 3,539 baseball cards. His grandfather gave him 248 cards to add to the collection. Manny organizes all of the baseball cards into a binder. If he can put 4 cards on each page, how many pages will he need to fit all of the cards? Manny will need 947 pages to fit all of the baseball cards.
Eddie works 38 hours a week. How many hours does he work in all in 45 weeks? Eddie works 1,710 hours in all.
There are 9,384 berries that were picked. However, 253 of them are rotten so the farmer threw them away. He puts the rest of the berries into 8 baskets for charity and plans on eating the rest of them. The farmer will need 1,141 baskets for all of the berries.
Addison drove 1,392 miles on her way to vacation. She drove 248 miles fewer on her way home. If she were to make this trip 5 more times, how many miles will she travel in all If she were to make this trip 5 times, she would end up driving a total of 12,680 miles.
Created by: HarrTeacher