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8th Math 2nd 9Weeks


Ratio A comparison of two numbers by division.
Rate A comparison of two quantities with different types of units.
Unit Rate A rate with a denominator of 1.
Proportion Two equivalent ratios.
Cross Products Two numbers that sit diagonally to each other.
Polygon Closed plane figure formed by three or more line segments.
Similar Polygons with the same shape and a different size.
Corresponding Parts Parts in similar figures that match.
Congruent Having the same measure.
Scale Factor Ratio of the lengths of two corresponding sides of two similar polygons.
Scale Drawing or Model Represents an object that is too large or too small to be drawn or built at actual size.
Scale Ratio of given length to corresponding actual length.
Indirect Measurement Distances or lengths that are too difficult to measure directly and can be found using properties of similar polygons and proportions.
Percent of Change A ratio that compares the change in a quantity to the original amount.
Markup The increase in the price.
Selling Price The amount the customer pays.
Interest The amount of money paid or earned for the use of money.
Principal The amount of money invested or borrowed.
Equivalent Expressions Expressions that have the same value.
Term Each individual part of an algebraic expression separated by a plus or minus sign.
Coefficient The numerical value attached to a variable.
Like Terms Terms that contain the same variable and/or exponent.
Unlike Terms Terms without the same variable and/or exponent.
Constant A numerical term without a variable attached to it.
Simplest Form An expression containing no like terms.
Relation An equation that describes a function.
Domain The x values in the ordered pair.
Range The y values in the ordered pair.
Function A relation in which the x value has only one partner.
Vertical Line Test A test done vertically in which you pass through only one given point at a time.
Function Rule An equation that describes a function.
Independent Variable The input values.
Dependent Variable The output values.
Rate of Change (Slope) The change in a dependent variable as it relates to the change in the independent variable.
Slope Intercept Form Linear equation written in the form y = mx+b.
x-intercept The point where a line or coordinate crosses the x-axis.
y-intercept The point where a line or coordinate crosses the y-axis.
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