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Text Structures

Text Structures Examples

To make butter, first you milk a cow. Then, you separate the cream from the milk. Next, you put the cream in a churner. You use the churner to mix the cream. After awhile, the cream becomes solid. After mixing even longer, a lump of butter forms. Sequence/Directions
Most states are divided into counties. However, the state of Louisiana is not divided into counties. Just like other states, it is divided into smaller parts. But the parts are called parishes instead of counties. Compare and Contrast
The American West is home to "ghost towns." They were built during the Gold Rush, when many people moved west to strke it rich. Most of them never found gold. As a result, they moved back east--so the towns became ghost towns. Caust and Effect
Newspaper printing presses run very fast. It is easy to print all the papers at once, but printers worry there might be a mistake. It would be a waste to reprint them all. Printers avoid this problem by running "test" papers that they check for mistakes. Problem and Solution
The Florida worm lizard does not have legs or feet. It is about eight inches long and looks like a giant earthworm because it is pink. It doesn't have eyes or ears, but it has a mouth that looks like other lizards' mouths. Its body is covered with scales. Descriptive
Sam accidentally put his hand on a hot burner, so he received a painful burn as a result. Cause and Effect
First, Anne Frank lived a normal life. Then, she went into hiding. Finally, she was discovered and taken to a concentration camp. Chronological Order
Math and English are similar in that they both last for 68 minutes and every sixth grade student must take them. However, they are different because math is about numbers and English is about words. Compare and Contrast
Cats often have lots of energy and will play for a long time. As a result, they take many naps. Cause and Effect
Cats sometimes scratch the furniture. One solution is to cover the furniture with a blanket. Problem and Solution
Cats are similar to lions. They are both felines They both have sharp teeth. However, a cat is much smaller than a lion. Compare and Contrast
You can tell when a cat is angry. One characteristic is its ears are laid back and it may hiss. Descriptive
When a cat is hungry, first he will look for his master. Then, he will go sit next to his dish until he gets fed. Chronological Order
It was 32 degrees Fahrenheit when precipitation fell from the clouds. Since it was freezing, the precipitation was in the form of snow. Cause and Effect
Different types of clouds have their own appearance. For example, some are wispy and thin and others are fluffy and shapely. Some people think cumulus clouds look like puffs of cotton. Descriptive
Clouds are formed in the following ways. Water on the ground evaporates and turns into vapor. the vapor condenses into tiny droplets and forms clouds. Clouds lose the water in the form of precipitation. Descriptive
If you don't get enough sleep, then it could affect your memory, ability to pay attention, and performance in school. Cause and Effect
If you can't remember your dreams, but want to, one solution is to keep a journal by your bed so that you can record them as soon as you wake up. Problem and Solution
Animals spend different amounts of time sleeping. Humans sleep about eight hours a day compared to giraffes who sleep less than two hours a day. On the other hand, brown bats sleep almost 20 hours a day. Compare and Contrast
Animals sleep in many positions. For example, cats and dogs sleep curled up as opposed to horses and birds that sleep standing. Some animals such as bats, sleep hanging upside down. Descriptive
World War II began in 1939. In 1941, the United States entered the war after the bombing of Pearl Harbor. On June 6, 1944, known as D-Day, the Allies invaded France determined to rescue Europe from the Nazis. The war concluded in 1945. Chronological Order
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