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List 8 Vocabulary

Brev Short
Brevity Shortness of time or duration; brief
Para Beside
Paradox A statement that seems self-contradictory but is actually true
Hood Condition
Likelihood A probability or chance of something occuring
Pod Foot
Gastropod An animal who walks with the aid of its stomach
Ward In the direction of
Wayward Turned away from what is right or proper; disobedient; willful
Volv Bend
Devolve To pass or delegate a task on to someone or something
Ambi Both
Ambivalent Unable to choose between two sides or extremes
Tain Hold
Ascertain To learn with certainty or assurance
Mort Death
Mortify To humiliate or shame; wound one's pride
Ancy State
Hesitancy The act of wavering or stalling
Incessant Continuing without interruption
Collateral Security pledged for the repayment of a loan; necessary sacrifice
Pragmatic Having a very practical opinion or viewpoint
Proverbial Being an object of common reference; almost cliche in nature
Oblivion The state of being completely forgotten or unknown
Empathy Identifying with the emotions of someone else
Surly Rude or bad-tempered
Ruminate To meditate or ponder; think over
Furtive Done by stealth/secrecy
Nonchalant Coolly unconcerned or indifferent
Created by: GCSEnglish11