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Multiplication 4 dig

Multiplication 4 digits

Mrs. Catron bought 2,453 boxes of pencils for the students at Harrison. Each box has 9 pencils in it. How many pencils did Mrs. Catron buy in all? Mrs. Catron bought 22,077 pencils in all.
Ms. Waldvogel is making bracelets using beads. She uses 5,283 beads for one necklace. She makes 8 necklaces. How many beads did she use in all? Ms. Waldvogel uses 42,264 beads in all.
A bakery sells 3,627 banana muffins each day. It sells 4 times as many blueberry muffins as banana muffins each day. How many blueberry muffins are sold every day? The bakery sold 14,508 blueberry muffins.
A factory produces 1,899 toy cars each day. How many toy cars does it produce in 7 days? The factory produces 13,293 toy cars in 7 days.
Brennen's lizard likes to sleep a lot. Each nap he takes is 6,204 seconds long. If the lizard takes 4 naps in one days, how long he sleep altogether? Brennen's lizard naps for 24,816 seconds in one day.
A trip from Lexington to Los Angeles is 2,164 miles. If a family of 6 goes this trip, how many miles did they travel in all? They travel 12,984 miles in all.
Mrs. Franks loves to read. She read 7 books last month. Each book had 1,462 pages in it. How many pages did she read in all? Mrs. Franks read 10,234 pages in all.
A 4th grade class does 4,305 sit ups in one month. How many sit ups does the do in 5 months? The class does 21,525 sit ups in 5 months.
A butterfly is able to fly 6,836 miles in one trip. How many miles does it fly in all if the butterfly makes this same trip 3 times? The butterfly flies 20,508 miles in all.
An oak tree has 8,381 leaves on it. How many leaves are there on 6 trees? There are 50,286 leaves on the trees in all.
A farmer counts 4,284 apples on one apple tree. If the farmer planted 9 trees, how many apples will there be in all? There will be 38,556 apples in all.
A student counted 5,385 vowels on just one page in the science book. One chapter had 8 pages in it. How many vowels are there in all in the entire chapter? There are 43,080 vowels in all.
Created by: HarrTeacher