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Global 9 Flash Cards


Monsoon A seasonal wind pattern in Southern Asia
Sanskritndo An Indo-European language
Varnas Social Groups that ranked people from high to low
Caste Every Indian believed to be born in a caste social group defined by occupation and family lineage.
Hinduism Origins in the religious beliefs of the Aryan people who settled in India
Reincarnation appeared in Hindusim belief individual soul is reborn in different form of death
Karma Force generated by a persons actions
Dharma Divine law in Hinduism requires all people to do there work
Buddhism appeared in Northern India rival of Hinduism
Nirvana Ultimate Reality the end of the self reunion with the great world soul
Silk Road Shipments along the silk road
Bhagavad Gita Serma by the god Krishna on the eve of battle
Monotheistic belief in one god
Cyrus Persian King Very Powerful
Satrap Protecter of the kingdom
Zoroaster The creator of zorotheism
Fertile Crescent Land from flooding Arch of land to Persian gulf
Dynasty Passed to family member
Ziggurats stepped towers
City-States City treated as a state.
Mesopatamia Land Between 2 Rivers
Cuneiform System of writing
Menes King of Egypt
Hatshepsut First female Pharaoh
Hieroglyphics Symbol Writing
Mummification Drying of dead body
Empire Territories and city-states controlled by one leader.
Babylon city state south of akkad
Hammurabi Came to power king of Babylon
Patriarchal Men Dominated the society
Nile River Begins in heart of Africa largest river
Lower Egypt The Nile Delta, The land Upstream
Upper Egypt Egypts important cities developed at tip
Silk Road Shipments along the silkroad
Vedas Religious Chants
Bhagavad Gita God Krishna
Aristocracy Upper class whos wealth is based on land
Mandate of Heaven The king was the link between heaven
Dao King was suspected to rule the proper way
Filial Piety Every family member has there own place
IdeoGraphs Characters combine two or more pictographs
Confucianism political and Ethical not spiritual
Daoism Proper form of behavior
Legalism Emphasized strong leders
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