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gauge to determine or measure
forecast to predict
partial incomplete
extent a particular length, area volume or perimeter
altitude height above sea level
barometer device that measures air pressure
monitor to watch over
consolidate to bring together and make one
standard very common or normal
mass a huge amount of matter
perimeter the boarder or outer boundry
substantial a considerable amount or quanity
apportion to divide
disproportionate out of proportion or unequal
equidistant equal distance apart
partition to separate into two or more things
statistics facts or data
odometer distance traveled in car
pedometer distance traveled by walking/running
symmetry same thing on both sides
scanty very little amount
copious large in quantity
moderate a medium quantity
ration controlling something that is scanty
increment something added or gained
allocate to set to the side for a reason
multitude large amount of people
dwindle to become smaller and smaller
decimate to destroy everything
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