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Math 8

Math vocabulary #1

Algebra 1. the part of mathematics in which letters and other general symbols are used to represent numbers and quantities in formulae and equations.
Coefficient a numerical or constant quantity placed before and multiplying the variable in an algebraic expression (e.g., 4 in 4x y).
Domain the set of possible values of the independent variable or variables of a function.
Equation a statement that the values of two mathematical expressions are equal (indicated by the sign =).
Expression a collection of symbols that jointly express a quantity.
Function a relationship or expression involving one or more variables. "the function (bx + c)"
Inequality the relation between two expressions that are not equal, employing a sign such as ≠ “not equal to,” > “greater than,” or < “less than.”
Ordered pair nounMATHEMATICS 1. a pair of elements a, b having the property that ( a, b) = (u, v ) if and only if a = u , b = v .
Perimeter the continuous line forming the boundary of a closed geometric figure
Pythagorean theorem is a relation in geometry among the three sides of a right triangle. It states that the square of the hypotenuse (the side opposite the right angle) is equal to the sum
Range the set of values that a given function can take as its argument varies.
Substitution the action of replacing someone or something with another person or thing.
Variable (of a quantity) able to assume different numerical values.
Polynomial an expression of more than two algebraic terms, esp. the sum of several terms that contain different powers of the same variable(s).
Constant a quantity or parameter that does not change its value whatever the value of the variables, under a given set of conditions.
Monomial (of an algebraic expression) consisting of one term.
Binomial trinomial an algebraic expression of the sum or the difference of two terms.
Constraint a limitation or restriction.
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