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CHEM 4 vocab

actual yield amount of product obtained in a chemical reaction
alkanes hydrocarbons, carbon atoms all linked together by single bonds
fuel additives substances added to fuels, improve performance or reduce emissions
hydrocarbons molecules containing only carbon and hydrogen
indicator a dye added to a tritration to show a reaction is complete
isomers compounds with same molecular formula, but different structures
limiting reactant reactant consumed in a reaction, maximum possible reaction yield
methyl tert-butyl ether (MTBE) compound, C5H12O, oxygenating agent in gasoline
mole ratio ratio of number of moles between products or reactants, balanced equation
oxygenated fuels fuels where oxygen-containing additives are used to reduce emissions
percentage yield ratio of actual yield to theoritical in chemical reaction
reformulated gasoline (RFG) gasoline with additives, at least 2% oxygen by weight, required in some states
side reactions reactions that lead to undesired products
stoichiometry study of quantitative relationships between amounts of reactants and products
theoretical yield hypothetical maximum amount of product obtained under ideal conditions
titration process, solution-phase reaction carried out under controlled conditions, used to find other reactant with high percision
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