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Baddeck Math Grade 7

math chapter 6 and 7

Measure of Central Tendency is mean, median, mode
Data collected by the person using it. First hand data
total # of occurrences in an experiment frequency
Data points that are “far way” from the rest of the data Outlier
Same shape and size Congruent
Same shape but different size Similar
Point where 3 or more faces meet Vertex
10 x 10 + 49-67 divided by 2 = Forty one
A polygon with at least one diagonal entirely or partially outside of the polygon Concave polygon
A tiling pattern that covers a plane with no overlaps or gaps Tessellation
How do you find the mean of a set of data Mean = Sum of values
Mean, Median, Mode of 6, 8, 10, 56, 111, 145, 111, 553, = Mean- 125 Median – 139 Mode- 111
A triangle with angles of 45, 45, 90 degrees Right angle triangle
If you start at 0 Degrees North and travel 225 degrees what direction do you end up in. Southwest
How many faces on a cube six
How many faces on a triangular based prism four
81Divided by 9+11-5x25-300divided by 3 Twenty five
2(3x+15)= 2(5x+5) X equals four
To change one polyhedron to another by slicing off the corner of the original figure truncate
a connected bar graph that shows data organized into continuous intervals histogram
the difference between the highest and lowest values in a set of data range
Every member in a group that could be serveyed or studied population
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