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Fab Vocab 1-350

Stack #135458

Prevaricator liar
Nefarious wicked; vicious
Officious forcing one’s service or office upon another; too forward
Insouciance indifference; lack of concern
Intelligentsia the highly educated and cultured
Permeate pass through, spread itself, pervade
Gregarious living in groups; liking to be with others
Stilted stiffly formal; pompous
Askance with a side glance of disapproval
Inscrutable incapable of being searched into and understood
Intransigent irreconcilable; uncompromising
Foment to arouse, cause, incite
Fortuitous accidental; happening by chance
Aplomb assurance; poise; self-possession
Grandiloquent eloquent on a grand scale
Automaton a robot; a mechanical person
Capricious fanciful; whimsical; impulsive; unpredictable
Duplicity being double; hiding one’s true intentions by deceptive words or actions
Fatuous complacently or inanely foolish
Raucous boisterously disorderly; loud; disagreeably harsh
Nemesis retribution; just punishment; one that inflicts vengeance
Nepotism favoritism shown to relatives
Niggardly stingy; not generous
Nonplused baffled, confused, puzzled
Nominal in name only; not in fact
Verdant green with growing
Modicum a small quantity or portion
Aridity dryness, barrenness
Mollify soften; allay someone’s rage
Cacophony unpleasant, harsh, discordant sound
Shoddy of inferior material; lacking the quality claimed; sham
Shrew a scolding, brawling woman
Discursive passing from one subject to another
Shibboleth criterion, test
Buttress projecting support of wall or building; support; prop
Disparaging depreciating, lessening in rank
Solicitous showing care, attention, concern; full of anxious desire
Disheveled disarranged; untidy; tousled; rumpled
Dissemble to disguise; to pretend; to simulate
Soiree evening party; gathering
Disseminated scattered, broadcast, spread
Somnambulist one who walks and performs other actions during sleep
Soporific causing sleepiness
Doleful sad, sorrowful, mourning
Specious apparently just or correct, actually not so
Flout mock; insult; scoff
Dogma a set of ideas or some belief
Dulcet melodious; soft; soothing
Spurious not genuine; counterfeit
Ebullient boiling up; bubbling; effervescent
Squalid mean, poor, dirty
Edict public notice issued by official authority
Edification improvement or instruction
Staid dignified, sober, sedate
Scathing injurious, cutting, withering
Diatribe prolonged discussion, abusive speech
Diminutive a shortening, an abbreviation
Dilatory delaying, tardy, slow in doing things
Diffident unduly timid; shy
Reticent inclined to remain silent, uncommunicative
Anathema under a solemn ban or curse, usually by ecclesiastical authority
Reverberations echoes
Anomaly deviation from rule, irregularity
Reverie dream, musing, state of being lost in thought
Lucid clear, shining, bright
Malign to speak evil of; to defame; to slander
Writhe to make twisting or turning movements; contort the body
Desideratum something wanted or needed, a desire
Desuetude state of disuse, uselessness
Parochialism narrowness of interest, pertaining to a particular community
Trepidation a trembling, agitation, fear
Trenchant cutting, incisive, having a sharp point
Truncated cut off; shortened
Truculent displaying fierceness, savage, cruel, defiant
Turbid cloudy, disturbed, muddy
Diaphanous characterized by such fineness of texture as to permit seeing through; vague; insubstantial
August marked by majestic dignity or grandeur
Immutability not being capable of or susceptible to change
Placidity serenely free of interruption or disturbance
Sententiously given to or abounding in excessive moralizing
Insipid lacking taste or savor; tasteless; lacking in qualities that interest, stimulate, or challenge
Lugubrious mournful, especially exaggeratedly or affectedly mournful; dismal
Drollery whimsical humor; having a humorous, whimsical, or odd quality
Declivity downward inclination; a downward slope
Recrudescence a new outbreak after a period of abatement of inactivity
Alacrity promptness in response; cheerful readiness
Rapacious excessively grasping or covetous; living on prey; ravenous
Effaced to eliminate or make indistinct by or as if by wearing away a surface
Moribund being in the state of dying
Tumult disorderly agitation or milling about of a crowd, usually with uproar and confusion of voices, commotion; turbulent uprising
Volubility easily rolling or turning, rotation, characterized by ready or rapid speech, glib, fluent
Deplorable lamentable, deserving censure or contempt, wretched
Sepulchral suited to or suggesting of a tomb, funeral
Superciliousness being coolly and patronizingly haughty
Indefatigable untiring, incapable of being tired
Conflagration fire, especially a large, disastrous fire, a conflict or war
Precipitately falling, flowing, or rushing with steep descent; exhibiting violent or unwise speed
Commingling blending thoroughly into a harmonious whole
Festoon decorate, adorn; a decorative chain or strip
Inextricable forming a maze or tangle from which it is impossible to get free
Pestilential causing or tending to cause pestilence; deadly; morally harmful; pernicious
Sagacious keen in sense perception; of keen and farsighted penetration and judgment
Malevolently having, showing, or arising from intense often vicious ill will, spite, or hatred
Recondite hidden from sight; concealed
Inexorable not to be persuaded or moved by entreaty; relentless
Perdition eternal damnation; hell
Abject sunk to or existing in a low state or condition
Fusillade a number of shots fired simultaneously or in rapid succession; a spirited outburst
Tremulous characterized by or affected with trembling or tremors; exceedingly sensitive
Wraith the exact likeness of a living person seen usually just before death; ghost
Peroration the concluding part of a discourse and especially an oration; a highly rhetorical speech
Rudimentary consisting in first principles; fundamental
Audacity intrepid boldness; cool or arrogant disregard of normal restraints
Veriest (adj.) properly entitled to the name or designation; actual; real
Languor weakness or weariness of body or mind; sluggishness; lethargy
Fecund fruitful in offspring or vegetation; prolific; intellectually productive
Odious exciting or deserving hatred or repugnance
Fisticuffs a fight with the fists
Litany a resonant or repetitive chant; a usually lengthy recitation or enumeration
Disconsolately cheerlessly; dejectedly
Craven defeated; vanquished; lacking any courage, contemptibly faint hearted
Insatiable incapable of being satisfied; quenchless
Sarcophagus a stone coffin
Abrogate to abolish by authoritative action; to do away with
Abstemious sparing, especially in eating or drinking; sparingly used or indulged in
Acumen keenness of depth and perception; discernment or discrimination in practical matters
Chicanery deception by artful subterfuge or trickery; a trick
Deleterious harmful often in a subtle or unexpected way
Nomenclature a system of terms used in a particular science, discipline, or art
Pecuniary consisting of or measured in money
Sanguine relating to blood; marked by sturdiness, high color, and cheerfulness; confident
Ubiquitous existing or being everywhere at the same time; constantly encountered
Tempestuous of, relating to, or resembling a tempest; turbulent; stormy
Churlish a rude boorish person; miserly
Evanescent dissipating or disappearing like vapor
Gauche lacking social polish; tactless
Hegemony the predominant influence of one state over others
Hubris overbearing pride or presumption; arrogance
Ephemeral transient; lasting a short time
Impervious unable to be penetrated, affected, or influenced
Rectitude rightness; correctness of judgment; goodness
Enthralled fascinated; enchanted
Inane empty; pointless; asinine
Compunction uneasiness from a sense of guilt; penitence
Enervate weaken; deprive of strength
Equivocal ambiguous; doubtful; obscure
Equanimity evenness of mind; calm temper
Epitomize to serve as the typical or ideal example of
Commensurate equal in measure
Commodious convenient; spacious; roomy
Abnegation denial; refraining from indulgence; to give up
Egregious prominent; conspicuous for bad quality; outstanding
Imbroglio complicated and embarrassing state; serious misunderstanding
Ribald vulgar; coarse
Vicissitude irregular change; variation
Avarice inordinate desire for gain; greed
Cajolery persuading by flattery
Harbinger messenger; forerunner
Moot debatable; subject to argument or discussion; deprived of practical significance
Pusillanimous cowardly; weak spirited
Elucidation explanation; clarification
Flagellation whipping; flogging
Indomitable cannot be overcome or subdued
Munificent very liberal; lavish
Reprobate scoundrel; corrupt; morally abandoned
Abeyance held in waiting; pending; suspension
Ennui boredom; weariness; dissatisfaction
Onerous burdensome; oppressive
Piquant stimulating to the palate; sharp
Umbrage offense; resentment
Banal lacking freshness or vigor; commonplace
Morose gloomy; of sour temper; sullen
Extraneous foreign; outside; not essential
Prosaic ordinary; dull
Vitriolic caustic; bitter; cutting
Aberration disorder of the mind; wandering or going off on the wrong track
Lackadaisical listless; not interested
Punctilious exact in detail; careful
Quixotic idealistic, not practical; imaginary
Recalcitrant showing stubborn opposition; unruly
Cupidity inordinate desire; greed.
Exigency emergency; urgency; immediate need
Innocuous without bad effect; harmless
Sycophant insincere flatterer; parasite
Travesty a ridiculous imitation; burlesque
Efficacy the power to produce an effect
Excoriate to flay; to censure scathingly
Impute ascribe; credit; charge with
Surreptitious secret; stealthy
Torpor dullness; sluggishness
Amity friendship; good will
Crass very stupid; unrefined
Effulgence a brightness; shining radiation; luster
Elicit to draw forth; to evoke
Impregnable unconquerable; unyielding; not to be entered
Acrimonious caustic; biting.
Copious plentiful in number
Eschew to avoid on moral or practical grounds; to shun
Juxtapose to place side by side
Perspicacious acutely perceptive; shrewd
Frenetic frantic
Heinous hatefully evil
Inveterate habitual
Propinquity nearness in place or time
Unctuous full of smug
Dilettante a person with superficial interest
Effrontery shameless boldness
Foist to force another to accept
Ignominious dishonorable
Perfidious faithless
Accouter to provide with equipment
Denizen an inhabitant
Lachrymose given to weeping
Opprobrium something that brings disgrace
Paucity smallness of number
Albeit even though
Comely having a pleasing appearance
Erudite possessing extensive knowledge from books
Hedonist thinks pleasure is chief good
Sophistical plausible but fallacious
Blithe of a happy disposition
Feckless weak, ineffective
Ingratiating capable of winning favor
Minutiae minor details
Panacea a remedy for all ills
Bloviate to speak pompously
Bonhomie geniality
Corporeal relating to the body
Mendacious lying
Nugatory of little or no importance
Abhorrent not agreeable
Celerity swiftness of action
Egalitarian promoting human equality
Lassitude a state of feeling of weariness
Vituperative using abusive censure
Braggadocio empty boasting
Flagitious disgracefully criminal
Penchant a strong liking
Rejoinder an answer to a reply
Scintilla a tiny amount
Ineluctable impossible to avoid
Mellifluous flowing sweetly
Platitude a stale thought or remark
Puerile childish
Skullduggery dishonest activity
Bumptious crudely
Perseverate to continue something beyond a desired point
Fetid stinking
Machination a craft scheme for an evil end
Prescient knowing the outcome before it happens
Bilious indicative of a peevish disposition
Cryptic hidden
Fealty intense loyalty
Impasse a predicament affording no escape
Minion a servile dependent
Euphoria a feeling of elation
Jocular characterized by jesting
Obviate to anticipate and prevent
Seditious resisting lawful authority
Temerity unreasonable contempt of danger
Gambol frolic
Insuperable incapable of being surmounted
Irascible marked by hot temper
Purloin to steal, often by breaching trust
Querulous habitually complaining
Apotheosis exaltation to divine rank
Irksome tedious
Malefactor a criminal
Profligate wildly extravagant
Tantamount equivalent in value
Beatific supremely happy
Gumption shrewd practical common sense
Hoodwink to deceive by false appearance
Pulchritude great physical beauty and appeal
Repartee a quick and witty reply
Connoisseur one who understands the details?
Lascivious lustful
Malediction the calling down of a curse
Salient standing out conspicuously
Verisimilitude having the appearance of truth
Bestrew to lie scattered over
Clemency leniency
Piffle trivial nonsense
Ratiocinate to reason logically
Smarmy revealing a smug earnestness
Bombast inflated speech
Garrulous annoyingly talkative
Litigious contentious
Maudlin emotionally silly
Xeric requiring a small amount of moisture
Camaraderie a spirit of good-fellowship
Contumacious stubbornly disobedient
Hiatus an interruption in continuity
Indelible that cannot be removed
Protean versatile
Approbation formal approval
Decamp to break up camp
Factious caused by a faction
Foible a minor flaw in behavior
Sobriquet an affectionate nickname
Deify to make a god of
Flippant lacking proper respect
Miscreant an evildoer
Obdurate stubbornly persistent in wrongdoing
Quisling a puppet traitor for the enemy
Antediluvian extremely old
Connubial pertaining to marriage
Dour stubbornly unyielding
Repast a meal
Salubrious healthful
Chagrin acute vexation or embarrassment
Chichi affectedly trend
Detritus debris
Inchoate not fully in existence
Sang-froid coolness in trying circumstances
Comport to conduct
Panoply a splendid or impressive array
Ruminate to ponder
Sacrosanct sacred
Vagary an extravagant notion
Deign to condescend
Defenestrate to throw out of a window
Histrionic excessively dramatic
Macrocosm the entire world
Nonpareil having no equal
Erstwhile in the past
Fait accompli an accomplished, irreversible deed
Gallivant to roam about in search of pleasure or amusement
Paroxysm an outburst
Parse to analyze
Filial befitting a son or daughter
Germane appropriate or fitting
Propound to propose
Onus burden
Sanctum a place free from intrusion
Bootless useless
Fiat an arbitrary command
Kvetch to complain habitually
Peccadillo slight offense
Wastrel a person who wastes
Ersatz being a substitution
Flummery nonsense
Hale free from illness
Kismet destiny
Nascent beginning to exist
Appellation a name, title, or designation
Fungible interchangeable
Ken cognizance; view; especially, reach of sight or knowledge
Mélange a mixture
Veritable real; true; genuine
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