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OE_ Esp2 Unit 9

OE_ Español2 Unit 9 LosPerrosOlimpicos

estaba listo he/she was ready
flojo lazy
competir to compete
antes de before
el cine the theatre
los dulces sweets
levantaba las pesas lifted the weights (I)
tomar el sol to sun bathe
se subía de peso he gained weight(I)
mientras during
temprano early
misma the same
meta goal
lograr obtain
seguidas consecutive
en vez de instead of
entrenarse to train
subia de peso he would gain weight
sintió he/she felt
estar cansado to be tired
campeonato championship
medalla de oro gold medal
quedó he stayed
último last
tenían had (I)
quería wanted (I)
iba went (I)
hacía did (I)
se acostaba lied down (I)
se llamaba called (I)
se sentaba sat (I)
se ponía más gordo he gained weight (I)
empezó started (P)
había there was (I)
corrieron they ran(P)
se sintío he/she felt (P)
empezaron they started (P)
corrían they ran(I)
ganó won (P)
recibío he/she received (P)
ni siquiera not even
un hueso frito a fried bone
bajaba de peso lost weight
temprano early
se portaba he/she behaved
mareado dizzy
aleman German
palomitas popcorn
operarle to operate on him/her
derramar to spill
Created by: rnodarse