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GRE Vocab 4000

potentate sovereign, king
potpourri medley
preamble introduction
precipice cliff
precipitous steep
precis summary
precocious advanced
predacious plundering
predicate base
predilection inclination
preponderance predominance
prepossessing appealing, charming
prestidigitator magicians
preternatural abnormal, unnatural
prevaricate lie
priggish pedantic, affected
prim formal, prudish
primogeniture first-born child
prismatic many-colored, sparkling
privation hardship
proclivity inclination
proctor supervise
procurer pander
prodigal wasteful
prodigious marvelous, enormous
prodigy a person with extraordinary ability
proffer bring forward
profiteer extortionist
profligate licentious, prodigal
profusion overabundance
prognosticate foretell
prolix long-winded
promethean inspirational
promontory headland, cape
promulgate publish, disseminate
prophylactic preventative
propound propose
propriety decorum
proscenium platform, rostrum
prosody study of poetic structure
prostrate supine
protean changing readily
proverbial well-known
provident having foresight, thrifty
provisional temporary
proviso stipulation
provisory conditional
proxy substitute, agent
prurient lewd
pseudonym alias
puckish impish, mischievous
puerile childish
pugilism boxing
pugnacious combative
puissant strong
punctilious meticulous
purblind obtuse, stupid
puritanical prim
purlieus environs, surrounding
purloin steal
purport claim to be
purported rumored
pursuant following, according
purvey deliver
purview range, understanding
pusillanimous cowardly
pyrrhic battle won with unacceptable losses.
Created by: pieben
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