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Probability Vocab

absolute value the distance a number is from zero on a number line
additive inverse two opposite integers if you add them together you will get 0
bar notation in repeating decimals the line or bar placed over the digits that repeat
circle graph a graph used to compare parts of a whole; the circle represents the whole
coefficient the numerical factor of a term that contains a veriable
composite figure a figure that is made up of two or more three-dimensional figures
compound event an event consisting of two or more simple events
cone a three-dimensional figure with one circular base a curved surface connects the base and the vertex
coordinate plane a plane in which a horizontal number line and a vertical number line intersect at their zero points
dependent events two or more events in which the outcome of one event affects the outcome of the other event(s)
direct variation the relationship between two variable quantities that have a constant ratio
discount the percentage by which the regular price of an item is reduced
equation a mathematical sentence that contains an equal sign stating that two quantities are equal
equivalent equations two or more equations with the same solution
experimental probability an estimated peobability based on the relative frequency of positive outcomes occurring during an experiment it is based on what actually occurred during such an experiment
exponent in a power the number that tells how many times the base is used as a factor
factors two or more numbers that are multiplied together to form a product
fair game a game where each player has an equally likely chance of winning
function a relationship that assigns exactly one out put value
gram a unit of mass in the metric system equivalent to .001 kilograms the amount of matter an object can hold
histogram a type of bar graph used to display numerical data that have been organized into epual intervals
independent events two or more events in which the outcome of one event does not affect the outcome of the other event(s)
integer any number from the set {...,-4,-3,-2,-1,0,1,2,3,4...} where ... means continue without ends
inverse variation a relationship where the product of x and y is a constant k as x increases in value y decreases in value or as x increases in value or as x decreases in value y increases in value
line of reflection the line over which a figure is reflected
line of symmetry a line that divides a figure into two halved that are reflections of each other
liter the base unit of capacity in the metric system the amount of dry of liquid material an object can hold
metric system a decimal system of measures
nonproportional the relationship between ratios with a rate or ratio that is not constant
ordered pair a pair of numbers used to locate a point in the coordinate system; writen (x-cordinate, y cordinate)
outcome any one of the possible results of an action.
percent of change a ratio that compares the change in a quantity of the original amount
percent of decrease a negative percent of change
percent of increase a positive percent of change
principal the amount of money deposited or borrowed
prsim a 3-d figure with at least three rectangular lateral faces and top and bottom faces parallel
proportional the relationship between two ratios with a constant rate or ratio
pyrmid a 3-D figure with at least three lateral faces that are triangles and only one base
quadrant one of the 4 regions into which the two perpendicular number lines of the coordinate plane separate the plane
rational number a number that can be expressed as a fraction
reflection the mirror image produced by flipping a figure over the line
sales tax a percentage of money charged on items that people buy
sample a randomly selected group chosen for the purpose of collecting data
scale drawing a drawing that is used to represent objects that are too large or too small to be drawn to actual size
similar figures figures that have the same shape but not necessarily the same size
simple interest the percentage paid or earned for the use of money
stem and leaf plot a system where data are organized from least to greatest.
surface area the sum of the areas of all the surfaces of a 3-D figure
theoretical probability the ratio of the number of ways an event can occur to the number of possible outcomes
volume the number of cubic units needed to fill the space by a solid.
simple event one outcome or a collection or a collection of events
random if each event is as likely to occur as any other event
complementary events two events in which either one or the other must occur
uniform probability modle each outcome has a equal probability of happening
tree diagram can be used to represent sample space
sample space the set of all of the possible outcomes in a probability experiment
simulation an experiment that is designed to model the action in a given sutuation
fundamental counting principal the number of possible outcomes in a sample space
permutation a listing of arrangement or listing of objects in which order is important
relative frequency the ratio of the number of experimental successes to the number of experimental attempts
unfair not a chance!
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