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THMG Drager XAM7000

Meter questions

What is the calibration gas for the PID in this meter? Isobutylene
How long is the typical warm up time for this meter? 3-4.5 minutes
What is the maximum feet of tubing the pump is rated to pull a sample through? 150 feet of tubing
How long will the typical battery last in operation? 14 hours
For PID detection, what are the ranges? 0-2000 ppm
For PID detection, what is the low alarm? 100 ppm
For PID detection, what is the high alarm? 200 ppm
What is the power of the PID lamp? 10.6 eV
For EXplosive detection, what is the low alarm? 10%
For EXplosive detection, what is the high alarm? 20%
What is the range for the oxygen sensor? 0-25%
What is the low and high alarm levels for oxygen? 19.5 - 23.5%
What is the range for the CO sensor? 0-2000 ppm
What are the low and high ACTION LEVELS for CO? 10 for low and 100 for the high
What are the low and high ALARM LEVELS for the CO? 30 ppm and 60 ppm
What is the range for the H2S sensor? 0-100 ppm
What is the low alarm for the H2S sensor? 10 ppm
What is the high alarm for the H2S sensor? 20 ppm
How long is the startup sequence for the XAM7000? 3.5 to 4.5 minutes
Is the fresh air setup for the XAM7000? No, unless the meter notes a sensor drift
What does the up arrow do when the meter is off? It will display info including the battery status
What is the hose made of? Polyurethane
How do you use the meter in Diffusion Mode Remove back plate where the magnets are held, thats what engages the pump mode
How long does it take Air to move through 3 ft of hose? 1 second
What does an " ! " mean on the display screen? Indicates a message or notice
What does a " X " mean on the display screen? Indicates there is an error or fault with a meter funciton
What does 4 "up arrows" in a row mean on the display screen? The Gas is above the Max Range for the sensor
What does "- - - - " mean on the display screen? Flow alarm while in pump mode /Pumps not drawing enough air
On the Red Strap, what is the high capacity O2 range? 0 - 100%
What can cause faulty readings for O2 sensors? High Humidity and High / Low Altitudes
What is the range for the CO sensor on the Red Strap? 0 - 10,000 PPM
What is the range for H2S sensor on the Red Strap? 0 - 1,000 PPM
What is the main benefit for using IR (infrared) Sensors? IR sensors work in O2 deficient atmospheres
What is a downfall for using IR Sensors IR sensors cannot see gases that are lighter than air, such as Acetylene and Hydrogen
What Gas is the LEL Sensor calibrated to? Methane
What is the High CO2 Sensor's range and alarm levels on the Red Strap? (0 - 100%) Low 1%; High 3%
Created by: yakshave
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