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THMG Sirius

Sirius meter

What eV can it measure? under a 10.6 eV
VOC alarms are set for? 50 ppm low alarm 100 ppm high alarm
What Gas is the PID calibrated for? Isobutylene
what are the CGI alarms set for? 10% is low alarm 20% is high alarm
What are the O2 alarms set for? low alarm is 19.5% high alarm is 23%
What are the (H2S) Hydrogen Sulfide alarms set for? 10 ppm low alarm 15 ppm high alarm
What is the range for the (H2S) Hydrogen Sulfide sensor? 0-200 ppm
What is the range for the CO meter? 0-500 ppm
What are the alarms for the CO meter set for? 35 ppm is the low alarm 100 ppm is the high alarm
Full charge takes how long? 6 hours
Battery warning will happen when you have how much time left? 15 minutes
How do you perform a Fresh air setup? While ZERO is flashing press on/off
How do you skip Fresh air setup? Press RESET while ZERO is flashing (will auto skip in nothing is pressed in 10 seconds)
How do you silence an alarm? Press reset (unless in high alarm)
How often should a pump test be performed? Daily
After pump blockage is cleared, how do you restart the pumps? Press RESET button
When the meter reaches 100% LEL or 5ppm of CL4 can you silence alarms? NO
How long is STEL measured for? 15 minutes
How long is TWA measured for? 8 hours
What 5 Gases does this Meter read? LEL / CO / H2S / O2 / VOC
The LEL sensor calibration gas is? Pentane
What is the sampling hose made out of? Teflon
How long does it take to get a gas sample through the hose? 1 sec for every 3ft of hose
How do you silence a low alarm? and for how long? Press the reset button once / Alarm silenced for 30 secs
How do you find PEAK readings? Press the Page button
How do you find the minimum O2 readings? Press the Page button 2 times
When using a correction / response factor what do you multiply by for a worst case? 2.2
Created by: yakshave