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Matter Unit

Unit 1

What has mass and takes up space? matter
What is the amount of matter in an object? mass
What type of properties describe the matter? physical property
What are observations without numbers? qualitative
What type of matter has a different composition depending on the sample? heterogeneous mixture
Which pure substance has more than one type of matter chemically combined? compound
What change leaves the matter as the same substance? physical change
What properties describe how a substance acts around other substances? chemical property
Which change results in the formation of a new substance? chemical change
What is the simplest form of matter? element
What is the relationship between mass and volume? density
What is the state of matter with the least particle motion? solid
Which state of matter can flow but maintains its volume? liquid
Which type of matter is most compressible? gas
What is the most common state of matter in the universe? plasma
How do scientists describe the statement: "All matter is made of tiny particles in constant motion." kinetic theory
Description of gases when modeling gas laws? ideal gas
What is the measure of force on an area? pressure
What is a repeating structure? crystal lattice
What is a measure of the average kinetic energy? temperature
What is the temperature at which all motion stops? absolute zero
What are the divisions of the temperature scale for gases called? kelvin
What is the phase change seen by dry ice (solid carbon dioxide)? sublimation
Which phase change results in the formation of a liquid as particles lose energy? condensation
What is the pressure over a liquid at equilibrium? vapor pressure
What is the measure of the amount of energy needed to boil a liquid? heat of vaporization
What is the measure of energy released when a substance freezes? heat of fusion
What is the phase change when the vapor pressure is equal to the pressure from the liquid? boiling point
What is the temperature at which a crystal lattice begins to form? freezing point
What is the temperature at which a crystal lattice begins to break down? melting point
What do we call the process of particles escaping from the surface of a liquid? evaporation
What type of matter is also known as a solution? homogeneous mixture
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