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Jeremy's Spanish

Jeremy's Spanish Flash Cards

la barba beard
brazo arm
cara face
dedo finger
diente tooth
frente forehead
labios lips
mejilla cheek
ojos eyes
pecho chest
piel skin
pierna leg
cabello hair
boca mouth
cabeza head
cuerpo body
dedo del pie toe
estomago stomach
garganta throat
mano hand
nariz nose
oreja ear
pelo hair
pie foot
uñas nails
cerebro brain
cuello neck
hueso bone
muñeca wrist
rodilla knee
tobillo ankle
codo elbow
espalda back
hombros shoulders
músculo muscle
sangre blood
oído inner ear
derecho right
izquierdo left
roto broken
hinchado swollen
torcido sprained/twisted
alegre happy
cansado tired
deprimido depressed/sad
enfermo sick
feliz happy
nervioso nervous
preocupado worried
triste sad
bien well
contento content/happy
emocionado excited
enojado mad/angry
mal badly
ocupado busy
tranquilo calm/tranquil
doler to hurt/ache
poner una inyección to get a shot
sacar una radiografía to get an x-ray
tener dolor de + body part to have a ___ ache/hurt
vomitar to vomit
examinar to exam
dar puntadas to get stitches
recetar to prescribe
tener fiebre to have a fever
tener un catarro to have a cold
tener un resfriado to have a cold
tener el gripe to have the flu
sentirse to feel (emotions)
dormir to sleep
dormirse to fall asleep
moverse to move
morir to die
morirse de hambre to die of hunger
caerse to fall
cortarse to cut oneself
Qué te pasó? What happened?
torcerse to sprain/twist
chocar con to crash into/to collide with
lastimarse to hurt oneself
romperse to break/tear
tropezar to trip over
alergia allergy
antibiótico antibiotics
camilla stretcher
cirujano surgeon
hinchazón swelling
jarabe cough syrup
operación operations
tos cough
análisis medical test
aspirina aspirin
fiebre fever
gripe flu
fractura fracture
lesión injury
picadura sting
estar resfriado to have a cold
sufrir to suffer
estornudar sneeze
dolor pain/ache
inyección shot/injection
muletas crutches
puntadas stitches
receta prescription
silla do ruedas wheel chair
yeso cast
ambulancia ambulance
enfermero nurse
medicina medicine
pastillas pills
radiografía x-rays
rayos x x-rays
sala de emergencia E.R.
sala de urgencias E.R.
venda bandage
accidente accident
Qué lástima! What a shame!
pobrecito poor baby/poor thing
Ay! Ouch!
Qué dolor! What pain!
la tirita Band-Aid ®
bombero firefighter
médico doctor
paramédico paramedic
veterinario vet
dentista dentist
héroe hero
heroína heroine
doctor doctor
policía policeman (woman)
tener cuidado to be careful
tener prisa to be in a hurry
tener miedo to be scared/afraid
tener verguenza to be ashamed/embarassed
tropezarse con to trip
dar to give
haber to have
traer to bring
caer to fall
decir to say/to tell
poner to put/ to place
venir to come here
leer to read
construir to construct/build
destruir to destroy
creer to believe
oír to hear
huir to flee
andar to walk
producir to produce
saber to know (facts and info)
conducir to drive
querer to want
dar puntadas to get stitches
recetar to prescribe
poner una inyección to give a shot
sacar una radiografía to get an x-ray
huracán hurricane
llover to rain
nevar to snow
tormenta storm
ciclón cyclone
inundación flood
lluvia rain
terremoto earthquake
daño damage
derrumbe mudslide/landslide
huir to flee
seguro safe
tempestad tornado
erupción volcánico volcanic eruption
maremoto tidal wave/tsunami
sobrevivir to survive
tifón typhoon
fuegos fires
tornado tornado
artículo article
locutor announcer
occurrir to occur
tratar de to try to
detalles details
periodista journalist/reporter
investigar to investigate
noticiero newscast
reportero reporter
en vivo live
el titular title/headline
apagar to put out/to turn off
muerto dead
el edificio de apartamentos apartment building
escaparse to escape
explosión explosion
incendio fire
quemar (quemarse) to burn (yourself)
bajar to go down
comenzar to start/to begin
dormido asleep
escalera stairs/ladder
esconder (se) to hide
humo smoke
muebles furniture
se murieron they died
subir to climb/to go up
fuego fire
herido injured
rescatar to rescue
valiente brave
vivo alive/living
el herido injured person
salvar to save
vida life
herida injury
a causa de because of
asustado scared frightened
de prisa in a hurry
gritar to scream
llamar to call
Socorro! Help!
hace mucho tiempo A long time ago...
afortunadamente fortunately
causa cause
de repente suddenly
hubo there was
sin duda without a doubt
erase una vez Once upon a time
vivieron felizmente para siempre They lived happily ever after
tener ____ años to be____ years old
tener cuidado to be careful
tener hambre to be hungry
tener prisa to be in a hurry
tener sed to be thirsty
tener ganas do to feel like
tener suerte to be lucky
tener calor to be hot
tener frío to be cold
tener miedo to be afraid
tener razón to be right/correct
tener sueño to be sleepy
tener que to have to
estar triste to be sad
estar cansado to be tired
parecer mal to seem/appear bad
sentirse enfermo to feel sick
estar contento to be happy
parecer cansado to seem/appear tired
pensar to think
sentirse bien to feel well
tener calor (hambre, frío...) to be hot (.....)
decir* dij
estar* estuv
poder* pud
poner* pus
tener* tuv
traer* traj
venir* vin
conducir* conduj
andar* anduv
producir* produj
querer* quis
saber* sup
hace fresco it is cool
hace viento it is windy
llueve it is raining
nieva it is snowing
alfombra rug
cama bed
cómodo dresser
cortinas curtains
cuadro painting
disco compacto cd
equipo de sonido sound system
espejo mirror
estante book shelf
lámpara lamp
mesita nightstand
pared wall
televisor tv set
video video
videocasetera vcr
baño bathroom
cocina kitchen
comedor dining room
dormitorio bedroom
garaje garage
jardín garden
oficina office
patío patio
la planta baja ground floor
el primer piso second floor
sala livingroom
segundo piso third floor
sótano basement
hace calor it is hot
hace frío it is cold
hace sol it is sunny
desastres naturales natural disasters
personas que nos ayudan people that help us
Created by: moogoesthecow
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