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What physical properties of susbstance does this meter read in? Liquid and gas
Is this meter intrinsically safe? No
What is the typical start up time? 2 minutes if warmer than 32 degrees F, 15 minutes if colder than 32 degrees F
What is the response time of this meter? Less than 2 seconds
How long does the typical hydrogen cylinder last? approx. 12 hours
The lithium battery lasts? between 3-12 hours of operation
What is the name of the liquid scraper? S4PE, when using scrape liquid 10x, in 10cm lines, place in liquid tip, and press button to heat.
When the buzzer attachment sounds what does it signify? Low buzz is G,V and high buzz is HD,V. buzzer pulse is proportional to the concentration
What type of materials does this meter monitor for the possibility of? Nerve, Mustard, and VX
What part of the WMD does the meter actually read? The phosphorus and Sulfur compounds
Is this meter suitable for picking up Toxic Industrial Materials (TIMs)? No, we have a TIMs meter for that
What are common false positives for this meter? Direct sampling of grease or hydrocarbons. Or, if something contains a lot of Sulfur or Phosphorus
What does the green READY light indicate? What does it mean if flashing? Steady light means - ready for vapor sampling, flashing light means - ready for liquid sampling
How long does the battery take to charge? 2 hours
When reading, what is the indicator that the meter is detecting a hazard to humans? The first red light is illuminated
When taking a liquid sample, how is the sample to be taken? Select a 4x4" area, and take 10 passes
How often is a confidence test done on this meter? Once a week
What is the blue scraper for? confidence testing
If both sides of the LED lights are on, what does that indicate? The presence of a V agent
Created by: yakshave
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