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APD 2000

this meter read what scale? 1-100
In the Nerve range, what does it read? GA, GB, GD, VX
In the blister range, what does it read? HD, HN, L
In the irritants range, what does it read? Mace, Pepper spray
Is the meter intrinsically safe? No
How does the meter read the atmosphere? (What technology) Ion Mobility Spectrometery
What does a R on screen signify? Radiological presence.
Clear button does... Clears system and backflushes
Mode button does... Changes through the modes of CW, CWVX, IRRT
Light button does... Turns on screen backlight
Event button does... Creates a data logging event
Option button does... Goes into menu mode
Select button does... Silence the alarms
What are the 4 statuses the screen will show? Standby, Ready, Autocal and Clearing
A reading of 0-25 signifies... Below alarm
A reading of 26-50 signifies... Low alarm
A reading of 51-75 signifies... Medium alarm
A reading of 76-100 signifies... High alarm
When testing the meter what order do you test with the slug? G then H
In what physical property does a chemical need to be in for this meter monitor effectively? Gas or Vapor
What are some items that will give a false positive? AFFF, Antifreeze, Bleach, Vinegar, Windex, Floor Wax, Menthol
How does the meter determine a reading? By measuring the amount of time required to reach the collector
How long is the reaction time for a vast majority of the chemicals this meter picks up? 15-30 seconds
How long does the battery last? 3 hours at 43 degrees F, One hour at 32 degrees F
At what reading does the meter automatically backflush? 76-100 concentration.
Can the meter read anything while in backflush mode? No
What does the + or - mean? Polarity indicator
What does a reversed + or - mean? Backflush is in operation
In what mode do we start monitoring in? CW mode
If there is no reaction in the CW mode, what is the next mode to switch to? (2nd mode) CWVX mode
If there is nothing in the CW and the CWVX modes, what mode do we switch to? (3rd mode in the process) IRRT mode
When testing the meter, how long is the sample confidence test to be held to tip for? Less than 1 second
If a confidence test fails (and does not register), what do you do? Wait 20 minutes and re-attempt, if that fails wait an additional 20 minutes, then try again. If this doesn't work, contact ops
What is the radiation source in the APD2000? 10 millicurie Nickel 63
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