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Number Sense Review

Addition, Subtration, Estimating

Anya has $53,824 in her bank account. She gave her brother $28,487 so he could buy a new car. How much money does Anya have left in her bank account? Anya has $25,337 left in her bank account.
Find the sum: 647,306 + 296,729 944,035
A farmer grew 38,348 tomatoes. He sold 11,981 of them at the farmer’s market last week. To the nearest thousand, about how many tomatoes did the farmer have left after the sale? The farmer had about 26,000 tomatoes left.
Find the difference: 75,803 - 23,086 = 52,717
The population of Columbus, Ohio is 687,033. The population of Cleveland, Ohio is 296,816. How many people live in the two cities combined? There are 983,849 people living in the two cities combined.
Estimate the difference to the nearest ten thousand. 642,046 - 377,463 = 260,000
Last year, the police department responded to 89,826 emergency calls. This year, there were 78,428 emergency calls. About how many phone calls, to the nearest ten thousand, were made in all in the past two years? In the past two years, the police department has responded to about 170,000 emergency phone calls.
Ms. Mary Mack is jumping on a trampoline. She jumped 133,292 inches on her first try. She then jumped 386,742 inches on her second try. About how many inches did she jump in all, to the nearest ten thousand? Ms. Mary Mack jumped about 520,000 inches in all.
A school in the US donated 79,289 books to a school in Africa last year. This year they plan on donating 12,500 more books than last year. How many books will the school donate in all? They will donate 91,789 books in all to the school in Africa.
Estimate the sum to the nearest hundred. 53,897 + 34,208 = 89,100
Find the difference. 101,101 - 8,888 = 92,213
Dr. Hearty has performed 45,219 surgeries in his lifetime. Dr. Bones has performed 75,387 surgeries in this liftime. About how many more surgeries has Dr. Bones done compared to Dr. Hearty? Dr. Bones has done about 30,000 more surgeries than Dr. Hearty.
Add. 39,792 + 193,388 = 233,180
Created by: HarrTeacher