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Electromagnetic Force One of the four fundamental interactions in nature, the other three being the strong interaction, the weak interaction, and gravitation.
Converts some form of energy directly into electric energy; source of EMF. A device
Source of electromotive force. A battery
electric field and electrons move In the same direction
This creates an electric field (voltage) that moves electrons(current) A battery
Electric potential EMF has units Per joules per coulomb or volt
2 types of circuit flow Conventional and Electron
The rule where electric current is always the opposite of electron flow (+ to -) Right Hand Rule
The rule where the direction of electron flow is (- to +) Left Hand Rule
Demonstrated that electricity can be used to generate magnetic fields Oersted's Experiment: Electric current produced a strong enough magnetic field that cause a compass to point toward the wire.
A magnetic field associated with electron flow produces _____. Magnetic field represented by concentric circles
Right Hand Rule the magnetic flux rotates _______. Counter clockwise
Left Hand Rule the magnetic flux rotates _______. Clockwise
Helix + electric current = Solenoid
As long as there is an electric current flowing through the solenoid, then there is a ___________. Magnetic Field
Solenoid + Iron Core = Electromagnet
The advantage of and electromagnet The field can be adjusted, turned ON or OFF by varying current flow.
Electromagnetic Induction was discovered when a magnet was moved in and out of a coiled wire Faraday's Law
Basic types of Electromagnetic Induction Self Induction and Mutual Induction
Induction of an opposing voltage in a single coil by its own changing magnetic field Self Induction
The production of an electromotive force in a circuit resulting from a change of current in a neighboring circuit. Mutual Induction
Device that converts mechanical energy into electrical energy Electric Generator
Types of AC power supplies Single phase, Three phase
Electromechanical Devices Electric generators, Electric motors, Transformers, Autotransformers
Coverts electrical energy into mechanical energy Electric motors
Produces low energy, and does not meet requirements for sophisticated xray exams Single-phase AC
Has 3 separate AC input lines producing 3 separate waveforms, produces more efficient xrays. Three-phase Generators
Operates on the principal of Mutual Induction Transformer
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