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Geometry Ch 10

Stepp's Prentice Hall Geometry Chapter 10 Area (slides so play targets)

Pi times d and 2 (pi) r are both equal to ___ circumference
Arc measure is measured from the ___ ___ central angle
Another name for a half-circle is ___ semicircle
To convert a Percent into a piece of a pie chart ____ turn the % into a decimal and multiply by 360
True or False: arc measure and arc length are the same thing ____ False
True or False: only major arcs are named with 3 letters ___ False
True or False: an arc is shaped like a piece of pie ___ False
True or False: a segment formed by cutting a triangle off of a sector True
True or False: the formulas for arc length and sector area both begin with degrees/360 True
Area of a ___ is base times height parallelogram
A trapezoid has ___ bases two
Which is longer for a given regular polygon, the apothem or the radius? ___ radius
The __ is the height of each of the triangles we make for finding the area of a regular polygon apothem
The base of a parallelogram is ___ side any
The height of a parallelogram is the ___ distance to the base perpendicular
The base of a triangle is any ___ side
In a triangle the height is just the ___ to the base altitude
A rhombus shares the same area formula as the formula for a ____ kite
Apothems are perpendicular to the sides of polygons, so __ triangle tips are useful for solving right
___ triangle facts like the Pythagorean Thm & triples, 30-60 and 45-45 special triangles are useful Right
To get from the hypotenuse back to the short leg in a 30-60 triangle___ divide by 2
To get from the short leg to the long leg in a 30-60 triangle ___ multiply by radical 3
To get from the leg to the hypotenuse in a 45-45 triangle ___ multiply by radical 2
A triangle with at least two ___ degree angles must be regular 60
The area of a sector will always be less than ___ the area of the whole circle
The length of an arc will always be ___ than the whole circumference less
The measure of an arc will always be less than ___ 360
If an equilateral triangle has a side length of 5, how long is its apothem? 2.5 times radical 3
An equilateral triangle can be broken into two ___ special triangles 30-60-90
Favorable outcomes divided by total outcomes is ___ probability
If the perimeter ratio of two similar figures is 2 to 3, then the area ratios will be ___ 4 to 9
Multiplying by your degrees/360 converts your part into the proper ___ of a circle fraction
the product of the diagonals divided by 2 equals the area of a ____ kite or rhombus
The altitude to the base of an isosceles triangle bisects both the vertex angle and the ___ base
altitudes or heights always involve a ___ angle right
true or false: the area formulas for triangles and parallelograms are the same False
Kites and ___ both have right triangles in them since the diagonals are perpendicular rhombuses (rhombi)
To find the area of a regular polygon, you should draw the ____ triangle apothem
A sector is shaped like a piece of pizza, True or false true
To leave an answer in terms of pi, just treat the pi as if it were a ___ and do not covert to a decimal variable
answers left in terms of pi do not use ___ 3.14
3,4,5 is the first Pythagorean ___ triple
complete this Pythagorean Triple, ___,12,13 5
Created by: criswell216