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6th Grade Vocbaulary

6th Grade Vocbulary Review

ante- before
post- after
ob- up against, in the way
ambi-, amphi- around, on both sides
contra-, contro-, counter- against, opposite
anti-, ant- against, opposite
mit,miss send
cred, credit believe
ven, vent come
serv, servat save, keep, serve
pel, puls, peal drive, push
vert, vers turn, change
ten, tin, tent, tain hold
fac, fic, fact, fect do, make
pend, pens weigh, hang, pay
sent, sens think, feel
viv, vit, bi(o) live, life
nat, natur, gen, gener be born, give birth, produce
human, anthrop(o) human being, human kind
fort, forc, dynam power, strength strong
am(a), amat, phil(o) love, friend
syn-, sym-, sy-l with, together
dia- through, across, thorough
peri-, circum- around
Created by: mmurphysp