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Ch3 CHEM vocab

acid any substance that dissolves in water to produce H30+
aqueous solution solution in which water is the solvent
Avogadro's number 6.022 x 10^23
base any substance in water to produce OH-
chemical equation symbolic representation of a chemical reaction
concentration measure of quantities of solute and solvent
dilution solvent added to solution, decrease solute concentration
dissociation reaction in water, ions come apart
electrolyte substance that ionizes in water, conducts electricity
elemental analysis experimental measurement of mass percentage of each element in compound
explosives rapidly reactive, solid to gas, release lots of energy
green chemistry minimize production of waste and pollutants
insoluble does not dissolve in water
molar mass average mass of 1 mol of any element
molarity unit of concentration, number of moles of solute per liter of solution
mole quantity of atoms
molecular equation chemical equations with molecules
net ionic equation spectator ions are omitted
neutralization acid and base react to produce water and salt
nonelectrolyte dissolves in water, no conductivity
photochemical reaction light provides energy to begin reaction
precipitation reaction insoluble solid produced in a chemical reaction
products formed in chemical equation
reactants before the chemical reaction
salt formed by reaction of base and acid
solubility ability to dissolve in solution
soluble solid that dissolves
solute add to solvent
solution homogeneous mixture of two substances
solvent example: water
spectator ions ions that do actively participate in reaction
stoichiometric coefficients numbers in front of compounds to balance equation
stoichiometry study of amounts of reactants and products
strong electrolyte ionizes completely in water
total ionic equation all ions, including spectator
weak electrolyte ionizes partially in water
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