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Estimating 6 digits

Estimating sums and differences of numbers with 6 digits

Mrs. Franks asked community members to donate school supplies to Harrison. They donated 373,942 pencils and 285,434 notebooks. About how many more pencils, to the nearest ten thousand, were donated than notebooks? They donated about 80,000 more pencils than notebooks.
The Hershey’s Factory made 29,035 chocolate bars on Monday and 45,823 bars on Tuesday. To the nearest ten thousand, about how many chocolate bars did the factory make in all those two days? The factory made about 80,000 chocolate bars in all.
Mr. Hale is trying to estimate how much black and green construction paper he has. He has 76,382 pieces of black paper and 91,824 pieces of green. To the nearest thousand, about how many more pieces of green does he have than black? Mr. Hale has about 16,000 more pieces of green paper than black paper.
Janelle bought a dozen bags of beads. There are 632,353 red beads and 794,804 blue beads in the bags. To the nearest hundred thousand, about how many beads are there in all? There are about 140,000 beads in all.
Ms. Gilberts observes a field to determine how many tulips and daises there are. She counts 69,242 tulips and 55,853 daises. Determine about how many more tulips there are than daises, to the nearest thousand. There are about 13,000 more tulips in the field than daisies.
Scientists tracked a humpback whale for The whale swam 54,398 miles the 1st year and 68,875 miles the next. About how many more miles, to the nearest thousand, did the whale swim the 2nd year than the 1st? The whale swam about 15,000 more miles the second year.
Ms. Mary Mack is jumping on a trampoline. She jumped 133,292 inches on her first try. She then jumped 386,742 inches on her second try. About how many inches did she jump in all, to the nearest ten thousand? Ms. Mary Mack jumped about 520,000 inches in all.
An architect designs a building that is 29,281 inches tall. The tallest building is 32,664 inches tall. About how much taller, to the nearest thousand, does the architect need his building to be so that it is as tall as the tallest building? The building needs to be about 4,000 inches taller to be as tall as the tallest building.
There are 482,179 insects in the rainforest. There are 204,128 insects in the desert. To the nearest hundred thousand, about how many more insects live in the rainforest than in the desert? There are about 300,000 more insects in the rainforest than in the desert.
There are 927,274 people living in city called Crowdedville. In other city called Lotsaspace, the population is 329,701. About how many fewer people, to the nearest ten thousand, live in Lotsaspace than in Crowdedville? There are about 600,000 more people who live in Crowdedville than in Lotsaspace.
Created by: HarrTeacher