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Bushong Ch4

Electricity, Magnetism, & Electromagnetism

The smallest unit of electrical charge is the____. Electron
Electrification occurs through the movement of______. Electrons only
Like charges _____ and unlike charges _____. Repel, Attract
Electrostatic force is _____ proportional to the distance between charges, and _____ proportional to the product of the charges. Inversely, Directly
The charges on an electrified object are distributed _____. Evenly throughout the object
On the surface of an electrified object, the charges concentrate on the _____. Sharpest curvatures
A _____ is a source of direct current. Battery
What is a unit of electric potential? Volt
An electric potential applied to a conductor produces what? An electric current
An alternating current is represented by what kind of a line? Sinusoidal
A flashlight uses what kind of current? Direct current
A generator produces what kind of current? Alternating current
What is Ohm's Law? V=IR The voltage across the total circuit is equal to the current times the resistance
A charged particle in motion creates what? A magnetic field
Electrical power is measured in ___. Watts
Rubber and glass are examples of _____. Insulators
A coil of wire is called what? Solenoid
Any substance through which electrons flow is called what? A conductor
The study of electrons in motion. Electrodynamics
A material that under some conditions behaves as an insulator and in other conditions behaves as a conductor. Semiconductor
The rotation of electrons on their axis is the property called _____. Electron spin
Lines of a magnetic field always form ____. Closed magnetic loops
_______ is the ability of a material to attract the lines of magnetic field intensity. Magnetic Permeability
Magnets are classified under what three principal types? Naturally occurring, Artificially, and Electromagnetic
The degree in which a material can be magnetized. Magnetic Susceptibility
The SI unity of magnetic field strength Tesla (T)
Electric potential is measured in units of ______. joule per coulomb, or volt
This powers the rotating anode of an x-ray tube. Induction motor
This has one winding and varies both voltage and current. Autotransformer
When a group of dipoles are aligned this creates a _______. Magnetic domain
Water and plastic are what types of materials? Diamagnetic- weakly repelled
Electrification can be created by: Contact, friction, or induction
The study of stationary electric charges. Electrostatics
Magnetic intensity of an electromagnet is greatly increase by the addition of a(n) _______. Iron core
The force between magnetic poles is proportional to the _____ of the magnetic pole strengths, divided by the ______ of the distance between them. Product, square
This has equal matter and energy, and may have an electric charge. Matter
The US alternating current goes through a complete cycle every _____ second. 1/60
Superconducting materials such as, ______ and ______ allow electrons to flow without resistance. Niobium, Titanium
Best example of a natural magnet. Earth
These materials are Nonmagnetic- unaffected by a magnetic field. Wood, glass
Ferromagnetic objects can be made into magnets by a process called _____. Induction
Varying magnetic field intensity induces an ______. Electric current
A transformer with a turns ratio greater then 1. Step-up transformer
Name for a current measuring device. Ammeter
Faraday's Law states that the magnitude of the current depends on four factors: 1. Strength of the magnetic field. 2.Velocity of the magnetic field 3.The angle of the conductor 4.The number of turns in the conductor.
A transformer with a turn less than 1. Step-down transformer
These materials can be strongly magnetized and are called Ferromagnetic. Iron, Nickel, and Cobalt
Glass,clay and other earth like materials are usually good _____. Electric insulators
These semiconductor materials led to the development of microchips and a rise in computer technology. Silicon (Si), Germanium (Ge), Selenium
The force of attraction between unlike charges, or the repulsion of like charges. Electrostatic force
The primary function of the x-ray imaging system is to convert electricity into _____. Electromagnetic energy
Paired electrons with opposite spins have_____. No magnetic field
Magnetic lines of force travel from ______ to ______. North to South
The ends of magnets where iron filing attach most strongly and with greater concentration. Poles
Excellent temporary magnet, and only a magnet while its magnetism is being induced. Soft Iron
Permanent magnet that retains its magnetism when removed from the external field. Hard Iron
Paired electrons spinning in the same direction have ______. Magnetic field
Created by: JEN311
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