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GoPo Vocab S - W

GoPo Review Vocab S - W

Offered at the Constitutional Convention as a provision to count every five slaves as three people for purposes of representation and tax purposes Three-Fifths Compromise
Information provided to the media by an anonymous public official as a way of testing the public reaction to a possible policy or appointment Trial balloon
managed by the President's Chief of Staff, it includes the more than 600 people who work in the president's house from the chef to people who make travel arrangements and the Secret Service White House staff
Offered at the Constitutional Convention to create a legislature based on the population of each state Virginia Plan
Those regulations passed by congress or issued by regulatory agencies to the states without federal funds to support them Unfunded mandates
The day on which a large number of primary votes take place Super Tuesday
A system in which sovereignty is wholly in the hands of the national government so that sub national political units are dependent on its will Unitary system
A government in which the same party controls both the White House and both houses of Congress, such as from the 2002 congressional elections under Bush and for the first two years of Clinton's first ter Unified government
An alternative to the traditional welfare, where an individual is trained for a job instead of receiving welfare Workfare
An increase in the votes that congressional candidates usually get when they first run for reelection Sophomore surge
A senator or representative who helps the party leader stay informed about what party members are thinking, rounds up members when important votes are to be taken, and attempts to keep a nose count on how the voting on controversial issues is likely to go Whip
One of two ways for a president to disapprove a bill sent to him by Congress. Often accompanied by a message, it must be sent to Congress within ten days after the president receives the bill. Veto
Dominance by the Democratic Party of the former Confederacy after the Civil War; the Republicans made strong inroads when Reagan was elected in 1980 and when the Republicans gained control of the Congress in 1994 Solid South
Process by which voters choose a candidate from one political party for one elective office and another candidate from a different party for another elective office Ticket splitting
The right to vote Suffrage Suffrage
A supreme Court interpretation of the establishment clause in the First Amendment that prevents government involvement with religion, even on a nonpreferential basis Wall-of-separation principle
An order issued by a higher court to a lower court to send up the record of a case for review. At least four of the nine justices need to vote that the case should be reviewed Writ of certiorari
Political patronage; the practice of giving the fruits of a party's victory, such as jobs and contracts, to the loyal members of that party Spoils system
Right of all qualified adults to vote Universal suffrage
A minimum government guarantee that ensures that individuals living in poverty will receive support in the form of social welfare programs Safety net
Specially created congressional committees that conduct special investigations. The Watergate Committee and Iran-Contra investigators fit this category Select committees
Judicial precedent Stare decisis
Polls conducted by media outlets to gauge the potential outcome of a political election on a periodic basis Tracking poll
A court order directing a police officer, sheriff, or warden who has a person in custody to bring the prisoner before a judge and show sufficient cause for his or her detention Writ of habeas corpus
Funds for government programs that are collected and spent outside the regular government budget; the amounts are determined by preexisting law rather than by annual appropriations. The one for Social Security is the largest. Trust funds
Political parties that can be described as ideological, single-issue oriented, economically motivated, and personality driven Third parties
Created by: betsynewmark