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Foreshadowing giving details that hint at upcoming events
Prediction logical idea about what will happen.
Grave very serious and worrying
Maligned spoken ill of
Credulity tendency to believe too readily
Furtively secretively;sneakily;stealthily
Apathy lack of interest or emotion
Oppressive causing great discomfort;distressing
Theme central message or insight into life revealed through a literary work
Internal Conflict character in conflict with himself or herself
External Conflict character struggles against an outside force
Tone writer's attitude toward his or her audience and subject
Mood atmosphere; feeling created in the reader by a literary work or passage
Inference a conclusion reached on the basis of evidence and reasoning
Convoluted twisted in a complicated way
Verified proved to be true
Deftness skillfulnes
Imperceptibly so slowly or slightly as to be barely noticeable
Reveling taking great pleasure or delight
Interminable endless or seeming endless
Suspense a state or feeling of excitement or anxious uncertainty about what is going to happen
Abruptly happening suddenly; unexpectedly
Buffer lessen a shock; cushion
Equilibrium state of balance
Gauge measure something's size, amount, extent, or capacity
Prolonged extended; lengthy
Venturing attempting to do something that involves taking risks
Created by: mabrooks
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