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GoPo Vocab N - O

GoPo Review Vocab N - O

The press is is guaranteed freedom form this type of censorship - that is, rules telling it in advance what it can publish Prior restraint
Part of the Article I of the Constitution sometimes called the "elastic clause" because of the flexibility that it provides to Congress "Necessary and proper" clause
A philosophy of opposing a law one considers unjust by peacefully violating it and allowing oneself to be punished as a result Nonviolent civil disobedience
A political organization the stated goals of which will principally benefit nonmembers Public-interest lobby
Part of Locke's philosophy stating that everyone has the God-given rights of life, liberty, and property Natural rights
The power to excuse an offense without penalty or grant release from a penalty already imposed Pardon
Also known as the party conference, it is a means for both the Democrats and Republicans in Congress to develop a strategy or position on a particular issue Party caucus
Political forum in which each major political party selects its candidate for president and vice president and finalizes its platform National Convention
People who hold liberal views on economic matters and conservative ones on social matters. They prefer a strong government that will reduce economic inequality, regulate businesses, and impose strict social and criminal sanctions Populists
The different ways an average citizen gets involved in the political process ranging from conventional means of influencing government to more radical unconventional tools that have influenced our elected officials Political participation
Person who specializes in running a political campaign. James Carville and Karl Rove are examples Political consultant
The party that initiates a lawsuit to obtain a remedy for an injury to his or her rights Plaintiff
Where voters choose delegates who are not bound to vote for the winning primary candidate Nonpreferential primary
Political theory first espoused by Nixon and carried out by Reagan; advocates the downsizing of the federal government and the devolution of power to the states New Federalism
Proposal to create a legislature based on equal representation by the states New Jersey Plan
The theory, advanced by Madison and Jefferson, that the state has the right to judge the constitutionality of a federal law. Nullification
Legal reasoning made by each attorney in proceedings before the court in an attempt to persuade the court to decide the issue in their client's favor Oral argument
An order from the House Rules Committee that permits a bill to be amended on the legislative floor Open Rule
The governing body of a political party made up of state and national party leaders National Committee
The party that initiates a lawsuit to obtain a remedy for an injury to his or her rights Plaintiff
Chaired by the president, it is the lead advisory board in the arena of national and international security. Includes the vice president, secretaries of state and defense, director of the CIA and chair of the joint chiefs of staff as well as the presiden National Security Council
Cases heard by the Supreme Court that do not come on appeal and that "affect ambassadors, consuls, other public ministers and consuls, and those in which a State shall be a party." Original jurisdiction
An election that permits voters to choose on election day for choosing the party's candidate the party for which they wish to vote Open Primary
Term created by the Democratic Leadership Council in 1992 to denote a more conservative, centrist Democrat such as Bill Clinton or Joe Lieberman New Democrat
Political doctrine that believes that government is created by and subject to the will of the people Popular sovereignty
The guarantees that the rights of a citizen in one state will be respected by other states. Also a clause in the Fourteenth Amendment that protects citizens from abuses by a state Privileges and immunities
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