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GoPo Vocab A- B

GoPo AP Vocabulary A - B

A government printed ballot of uniform size and shape to be cast in secret that was adopted by many states around 1890 in order to reduce voting fraud Australian
A document that announces how much the government will collect in taxes and spend in revenues and how those will expenditures will be allocated among various programs Budget
A primary election that permits all voters regardless of party to choose candidates Blanket
A law that declares a person, without a trial, to be guilty of a crime; forbidden to both Congress and the states by Article I of the Constitution Bill of Attainder
A court that makes decisions that forge new ground such as Roe v Wade or Brown v BOE based on the view that judges should discern the general principles underlying the Constitution and its often vague language, often done with the guidance of moral or eco Activist
A legislative grant of money tot finance a government program Appropriation
A situation in which the government takes in more money than it spends Budget surplus
Refers to interested groups or individuals, not directly involved in a suit, who may file legal briefs or make oral arguments in support of one side Amicus curiae (friend of the court)
Grants of money from the federal government to states for programs in certain general areas rather than for specific kinds of program Block
Programs for minorities supported by government as a means of providing equality under the law Affirmative Action
A legal document prepared by an attorney representing a party before a court Brief
The ability to use the office of the presidency to promote a particular program and/or to influence Congress to accept legislative proposals Bully Pulpit
A situation in which the government spends more money that it takes in from taxes and fees Budget deficit
Legislative permission to begin or continue a government program or agency; may grant permission to spend a certain sum of money, although the money isn't available yet Authorization
Created by: betsynewmark