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Sup Ct Cases 4 Gopo

Review of GoPo Supreme Court Cases 4

Held that it was unconstitutional to mandate gender discrimination by preferring men to women in choosing the administrators of estates Reed v. Reed
This case said that a school district could provide school buses for religious schools. Such assistance would not violate the establishment clause Everson v. Board of Education
Established the principle of "one man, one vote" for congressional districts Wesberry v. Sanders
This case established that freedom of speech could be limited in times of "clear and present danger." Schenck v. U.S
Declared that all-white primaries were unconstitutional Smith v. Alwright
Established the doctrine of "separate but equal" and was used to justify segregation in many states for the next half century Plessy v. Ferguson
Established that federal courts do have jurisdiction in redistricting questions and that reapportionment should reflect population equality or it would be in violation of the Equal Protection Clause Baker v. Carr
Created by: betsynewmark