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Unit 1 Verbs

Correr to run
Caminar to walk
Nadar to swim
Bucear to dive;to scubadive
Ganar to win;to gain
Perder to lose
Asistir A to attend;to assist
Comprar to buy
Ir de compras to go shopping
Conducir to drive;to lead
Platicar to conversate
Cortar el c├ęsped cut the lawn
Concinar cook
Dormir to sleep
Preferir to prefer
Pelear to fight
Traer to bring
Bajar to go down;to lower;to get out of
Mentir to lie;to not tell the truth
Contar to count;to tell (a story)
Mostrar to show; to to demonstrate
Sufrir to suffer; to undergo
Quebrar to break (something); to break (bones)
Salir to go out; to leave
Tener to have
Poner to put
Venir to come
Hacer to do; to make
Necesitar to need
Gritar to shout
Volar to fly
Repasar to go over
Viajar to travel
Conocer to know(someone);to meet (someone-first time); to be familiar with
Saber to know (information); how to do something (saber patinar=know how to skate)
Dar to give
Ver to see; to watch
Subir to go up; to climb;to board;to get on
Pensar to think; to plan
Poder to be able to
Llover to rain
Repetir to repeat
Created by: AbbyLeeA