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8th Math 1st 9wks

Real Number System and Order of Operations

Real Number All numbers (both rational and irrrational)
Natural Number Counting numbers
Whole Number Counting numbers including zero
Integer Whole numbers and their opposites
Rational Number Numbers that can be written as a fraction, repeating, or terminating decimal
Irrational Number Numbers that can not be written as a fraction,repeating, or terminating decimals
Square Root One of two equal factors of a number
Repeating Decimals Decimals whose digits repeat in groups of one or more
Terminating Decimals Decimals whose digits end
Variable A letter that represents an unknown value
Numerical Expression A mathematical expression that has a combination of numbers and at least one operation symbol
Algebraic Expression A mathematical expression that has a combination of numbers, letters, and at least one operation symbol
Equation A mathematical sentence that contains an equal sign
Simplify Solve a numerical expression
Evaluate To find the value of an expression by replacing (substituting) the variables with numbers
Power Numbers written using exponents that represent repeated multiplication
Order of Operations Rules that are followed when more than one operation is used in an expression
Solve The process of finding valus of the variables that make the equation true
Solution Values that are true to an equation
Inverse Operations Operations that undo each other (addition:subtraction, multiplication:division)
Open Sentence An equation that contains one or more variables
Pythagorean Theorem Describes the relationship between the lengths of the legs and the hypotenuse of any right triangle
Right Triangle A triangle with one right angle
Hypotenuse Side opposite the right angle and known as the longest side
Legs The sides that form the right angles
Coordinate Plane Formed by the intersection of two number lines that produces four right angles
Origin The point of intersection of the x and y axis
Quadrants The four sections created by the intersection of the x and y axis
X-axis The horizontal number line
Y-axis The vertical number line
Ordered Pair The x and y values graphed on the coordinate plane
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