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Med. Insurance Terms

Medical Insurance in a Flash Chapter 3

A component of the risk portion of the visit. Management options selected
Using 1997 guidelines, what must be documented for a problem focused examination? one to five elements identified by a bullet
What are the tow levels of HPI? Brief and extended
Documentation of an extended ROS consists of how many systems? two to nine systems
Documentation of a complete ROS consists of how many systems? at least 10
How many levels of PFSH are there? two
PFSH for an initial hospital service follows which rule? 3 out of 3 rule
PFSH for an emergency room visit follows which rule? 2 out of 3 rule
Documentation of the examination of the neck is considered a body area or organ system? body area
How many levels of medical decision making are there? four
How many years must go by before an office patient is new again? 3 years
What do you base the E&M code selection on if counseling is more than 50% of the visit? time
What category of code is used to report coordination of care for a patient in home health? care plan oversight
To be a consultation, must two of the three or three of the three key components be present? three of three
When was the bulleted listing of examination guidelines released? 1997
How many hours a day must an emergency room be open to qualify as an emergency department? 24 hours
To report subsequent nursing facility care, a code is chosen from what code range? 99307-99310
Codes that are based on the age of the patient? Preventive medicine codes
What codes are reported with other E&M codes to identify an unusually long visit? prolonged care codes
Critical care code 99292 is used to report how many additional minutes of critical care? 30 minutes