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Geometry Syllabus

What room is Mr. Griggs classroom? 24
Geometry is the study of shapes and configurations.
What is the Textbook name? Geometry for Enjoyment and Challenge
When and by who was the Texbook written? 1991
What times is Mr. Griggs able to offer extra help? 7:30 am, break periods, and after school
What days are new material days? Mondays-Wednesdays
Mondays-Wednesdays are what? New material days.
What you come into class you should have what four things ready? Textbook, homework, notebook, and the next days homework written down
What day is Thursday? review day
review day is what day? Thursday
what day is quiz and test day friday
friday is what day quiz and test day
Basics is worth what percent of your grade 10%
What are the three sections that the notebook should be divided into? notes hw and quizzes and tests
What three things should always be at the top of your assignment name and date and honor code
what are the three things that make up the basics participation basic degree of grammatical preservation in written responses Being prepared for class
How much is homework worth % 10%
How much are quizzes worth % 20%
All quizzes may be _____________ for up to a _____________ of the points back corrected quarter
Earning a grade below an _________(____) will require a parent signature on a quiz or test 80% C+
Created by: annievarner