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High Frequency GRE Words

evince show clearly
evocative tending to call up
excoriate scold with biting harshness
exegesis explanation, especially of biblical passage
exertion effort; expenditure of much physical work
repercussion a consequence
exorbitant excessive
exorcise drive out evil spirit
expediate suitable; practical; public
expiate make amend
expletive interjection
extort wring from; get money by threat
extradition surrender prisoner by one state to another
extricate free; disentangle
exuberance overflowing; abundance
faze disconcert; dismay
feint trick; shift; sham blow
fervid ardent
ferver glowing arder; intensity of feeling
flair talent
flagrant conspicuously wicked; blatent; outrageous
flay strip of skin; plunder
flounder struggle and thrash about; proceed clumsily or falter
flout reject; mock
flit flight; dart lightly
implacable not to be appeased
titular having the title of an office without obligation
mortify humiliate; punish the flesh
foible weakness; slight fault
foil contrast
foist insert improperly; palm off
inept not competent
timorous fearful
tipple drink frequently
motility ability to move sponteniously
forego give up; do without
forlorn sad and lonely
forsake desert; abandon; renounce
forswear renounce; abandon
foster rear; encourage
frail weak
frantic wild
fraudulent cheating; deceitful
mottled blotched in coloring
fraught filled
frenetic frenzied; frantic
frenzied madly excited
fresco painting on plaster
fret to be annoyed or vexed
frieze ornamental band on a wall
fritter waste
frivolous lacking in seriousness
frolicsome prankish; gay
fugitive fleeting or transitory
gale windstorm; gust of wind; emotional outburst
gall n. bitterness; nerve; v. annoy; chafe
galleon large sailing ship
garbled mixed up; jumbled; distorted
garish overbright in color
gaudy flashy; showy
gaunt lean and angular; barren
gavel hammerlike tool; mallet
gawk stare foolishly; look in open mouthed awe
omnifarious of all sorts
gibberish nonsense; babbling
glaring highly conspicuous; harshly bright
glaze cover with a thin and shiny surface
gloat express evil satisfaction
gloss over explain away
glossy smooth and shining
glower scowl
glut overstock; fill to excess
grapple wrestle; come to grip with
grate make a harsh noise; have an unpleasent effect; shred
gratis free
profligate wasteful
posterity descendents; those who come after
posterior later in time
gratuitous given freely; unwarrented; uncalled for
grievance a facial distortion to show feeling such as pain, disgust, etc.
grisly ghastly
grouse complain; fuss
grovel crowl or creep on ground
primordial elemental; fundamental
primogeniture state of being first born
motley multicolored; mixed
totter move unsteadily, sway
proliferate to produce by multiplication of parts
grudging unwilling; reluctant; stingy
risible disposed to laugh
gruel thin, liquid porridge
gruff rough manner
secede to separate from
seclude to keep away
sequester to separate from
segregate to separate
imperil put in danger
mulct defraud a person of something
subaltern one below another in rank
gusto enjoyment; enthusiasm
haggard wasted away; gaunt
harbor provide refuge for; hide
hysterical relating to hysteria; funny
hardy sturdy; robust
harrowing agonizing; distressing
sardonic mocking
transpire be revealed; happen
hatch deck opening; lid covering a deck opening
muse ponder
transport strong emotion
traumatic pertaining to emotion caused by violence
travesty comical parody; treatment aimed at making something appear ridicule
trenchant cutting; keen
conjunctive causing union
evocative causing an image
pulchritude state of possessing beauty
tribulation distress suffering
wily full of tricks
wary watchful
tremor trembling; slight quiver
trinket knicknack; bauble
discreet showing good judgement in conduct
discrete separate and distinct
incredulous skeptical; not believing
incredible too extraordinary to be believed
ingenious very smart or brilliant
ingenuous having a frank and open nature
apposite apt, pertinent, appropriate
unimpeachable blameless and examplary
sustenance means of support, food nourishment
complacent self-satisfied
complaisant eager to please; obliging
swathe wrap around; bandage
abstemious sparing in use of food or drinks
tumid swollen; pompous
tactile pertaining to the sense of touch
taint contaminate
tempestuous stormy; impassioned; violent
testy short-tempered
thrive prosper; flourish
throng crowd
tribunal court of justice
travail painful labor
trident three-pronged spear
antipathy a natural dislike or repugnance
arcane obscure; apt; relevant
troth pledge of good faith
nemesis someone seeking revenge
unconscionable excessive
articulate (adj) clear, distinct; expressed with clarity; skillfull with words
articulate (v) to utter clearly and distinctly
ascetic (n) one who leads a simple life of self-denial
ascetic (adj) rigorously abstinent
aseptic germ free
aspersion slanderous statement; a damaging or derogatory criticism
assiduous carefully attentive; industrious
phlegmatic indifferent
astringent (n) a substance that controls bodily tissues
turgid swollen; distended
atrophy to waste away, as from lack of use; to wither
attenuate to make thin or slender; to weaken or dilute
mutilate to injure, disfigure, or make imperfect by removing or irreparably damaging parts:
unobtrusive inconspicuous; not blatant
unbridled violent
baleful harmful; malign; detrimental
uninhibited unrepressed
beneficient conferring benefits; kindly; doing good
bilateral pertaining to or affecting both sides or two sides; having two sides
bombast pompous speech; pretentious words
burgeon to grow or develop quickly
cacophony a harsh, inharmonious collection of soudns; dissonance
cant insincere or hypocritical statements of high ideals; the jargon of a particular group or occupation
caprice a sudden, unpredictable, or whimsical change
catharsis a purging ort relieving of the body or soul
chicanery trickery or deception
churlishness crude or surly behavior
circumlocution the use of an unnecessarily large number of words to express an idea; evasion in speech
cloture the closing or limitation of debate in a legislative body especially by calling for a vote
unwieldy awkward; cumbersome
coda in music, a concluding passage
codify to organize the laws or rules into a systematic collection (code)
cogent to the point; clear; convincing in its clarity and presentation
cogitate to think hard; ponder, meditate
cognitive possessing the power to think or meditate; meditative; capable of perception
cognizant aware of; perceptive
coherent sticking together; connected; logical; consistent
cohesion the act of sticking together
comeliness beauty; attractiveness in appearance or behavior
commodious spacious and convenient; roomy
compliant complying; obeying; yielding
connotative containing associated meanings in addition to the primary one
muster gather assemble
contentious quarrelsome
contiguous touching; or adjoining and close, but not touching
contravene to act contrary to; to oppose or contradict
conundrum a puzzle or riddle
converge to move toward one point (opposite: diverge)
coterie a clique; a group who meets frequently, usually socially
mutinous unruly
debacle disaster; collapse; a rout
debilitate to enfeeble; to wear out
decorous suitable; proper; seemly
deleterious harmful; hurtful; noxious
denigrate to defame; to blacken or sully; to belittlee
deprecate to express disapproval of; to protest against
deride to laugh at with contempt; to mock
derision the act of mocking; ridicule, mockery
diatribe a bitter or abusive speech
dichotomy a division into two parts
diffident timid; lacking self-confidence
naivete quality of being unsophisticated
discourse to converse; to communicate in ordrely fashion
discrete separate; individually distinct; composed of distinct parts
disingenuous not frank or candid; deceivingly simple
vagabond wanderer; tramp
disparate unequal, dissimilar; different
disputatious argumentative; inclined to disputes
dissemble to pretend; to feign; to conceal by pretense
dissonance musical discord; a mingling of inharmonious sounds; nonmusically, disagreement, lack of harmony
dissonant not in harmony; in disagreement
ebullience an overflowing of high spirits; effervescence
effervescence to show liveliness or exhilaration
ellipsis omission of words that would make the meaning clear
elucidate to make clear; to explain
emollient softening or soothing to the skin; having power to soften or relax living tissues
incumbent obligatory; currently holding an office
leery suspicious; cautious
enervate to weaken; to deprive of nerve or strength
engender to bring about; beget; to bring forth
ephemeral very short-lived; lasting only a short time
wanton reckless
evanescent vanishing quickly; dissipating like a vapor
exigent requiring immediate action; urgent, pressing
extemporize to improvise; to make it up as you go along
extrapolate to estimate the value of something beyond the scale; to infer what is unknown from something known
facetious joking in an awkward or improper manner
feign pretend
leaven cause to grow lighter; enliven
garrulous extremely talkative or wordy
iconoclast one who smashes revered images; an attacker of cherished beliefs
impassive showing no emotion
imperturbable calm; not easily excited
prognosis forecast
implacable unwilling to be pacified or appeased
parochial very limited or narrow in scope or outlook; provincial
peremptory leaving no choice
incisive getting to the heart of things; to the point
incredulous skeptical
indigenous native to a region; inborn or innate
inept incompetent; clumsy
vicissitude a change or variation occurring in the course of something
interdict impade; prohibit
inherent part of the essential character; intrinsic
insipid uninteresting, boring, flat, dull
relegate banish
intransigent uncompromising
intrepid fearless, bold
irascible prone to anger
refute disprove
heyday one's prime
indigent poor
macerate to soften by steeping in liquid
mortify humiliate
magnanimity a quality of nobleness of mind, disdaining meanness or revenge
vitriolic caustic
impetus moving force
impetuous violent; hasty
impertinent insolent; rude
obdurate stubborn
obsequious servilely attentive; fawning
obviate to make unnecessary
imperious domineering; haughty
mortician undertaker
panegyric high praise
paradigm model, prototype; pattern
impede hinder; block
parsimonious very frugal; unwilling to spend
pedantic emphasizing minutiae or form in scholarship or teaching
penurious stingy, miserly
implacable not to be appeased, mollified, or pacified; inexorable
petulant peevish; cranky; rude
placate to appease or pacify
impeach charge with crime in office
prevaricate to speak equivocally or evasively, i.e. to lie
subjugate enslave
propensity an inclination; a natural tendency toward; a liking for
putrefaction a smelly mass that is the decomposition of organic matter
putrefy to decompose; to rot
quiescence state of being at rest or without motion
rancor strong ill will; enmity
recalcitrant stubbornly rebellious
recondite dealing with very profound, difficult, or abstruse subject matter
impale pierce
immure imprison; shut up in confinement
immolate offer as a sacrifice
sinews strength; power; resilience
ignominy deep disgrace; shame or dishonor
specious plausible, but deceptive; apparently, but not actually, true
spurious not genuine, false; bogus
ignoble unworthy; not noble
hypercritical excessively or meticulously critical; overcritical
hubris arrogance;excessive self-conceit
hover hang about; wait nearby
hovel shack; small wretched house
hoax trick; practical joke
hoard stockpile; accumulate for future use
heresy opinion contrary to popular belief
hermetic sealed by fusion so as to make airtight
hiatus gap
mordant biting; sarcastic; stinging
suborn persuade to act unlawfully
subpoena writ summoning a witness to appear
subtlety perceptiveness; ingenuity; delicacy
subversive tending to overthrow
suppliant entreating; beseaching
supplicate petition; humbly; pray to grant a favor
tactile pertaining to the sense of touch
taint contaminate
tempestuous stormy
thrive prosper; flourish
thwart baffle; frustrate
titter nervous laugh
totter move unsteadly
tout publicize; praise excessively
tract pamphelet; a region of indefinite size
traduce expose to slander
immolate offer as a sacrifice
immure to shut in; seclude or confine; imprison
incoherent illogical
incriminate accuse; serve as evidence against
indemnify compensate for loss
indignation anger to an injustice
indenture bind as servent or apprentice to master
inebriated habitually intoxicated; drunk
ineluctable incapable of being evaded; inescapable
inexorable unyielding
infidel unbeliever
ingrate ungrateful person
ingratiate become popular with
inhibit restrain; retard or prevent
iniquitous wicked; immoral; unrighteous
inordinate unrestrained; excessive
inquisitor questioner
insidious treacherous; stealthy
insolence impudent disrespect
instigate urge; start; provoke
insubordination disobedience
insurrection rebellion
interdict prohibit
interloper intruder
leniency mildness; permissiveness
levity lack of seriousness
libretto text of an opera
lien legal claim on a property
litany suplicatory prayer
litotes understatement for emphasis
lode metal bearing vein
loom appear or take shape
lurk stealthily lie in waiting; slink; exist unperceived
mace ceremonial staff; clublike mediaval weapon
malady illness
malaise uneasiness
malicious hateful; spiteful
malign speak evil of; bad mouth
malignant injurious; tending to cause death
maul handle roughly
meek submissive; patient and long suffering
meretricious flashy; tawdry
merger combination
zany crazy; comic
wreak inflict
wistful vague longing; sadly pensive
wispy thin; slight; barely discernible
whittle cut off bits
whet sharpen; stimulate
welter wallow
welt mark from beating or whipping
wangle wiggle out; fake
waggish mischievious; humorous; tricky
wake trail of ship or other object through water
waft move gently by wind or wave
waffle speak equivocally about an issue
vitiate spoil the effect of, make inoperative
vintner maker of wine
vertigo severe dizziness
vernal pertaining to spring season
verge border, edge
vent small opening; a means of exit or escape
veneer thin layer; cover
vaunted boasted; bragged; highly publized
vagrant homeless wanderer; stray random
vagary caprice whim
vagabond wanderer; tramp
unwieldy awkward; cumbersome; unmanageable
unrequited not reciprocated
unobtrusive inconspicuous, unassertive, or reticent
unmitigated unreleaved
uninhibited unrepressed
unimpeachable blameless and exemplary
unconscionable unscrupulous; excessive
unbridled not controlled or restrained; violent
turpitude vile, shameful action; depravity
turgid swollen; distended
tumid swollen; pompous; bombastic
troth pledge of good faith especially in betrothal
trinket knicknack; bauble
trident three-pronged spear
tribulation distress suffering
trenchant cutting; keen
totter move unsteadly as if about to fall
transcendent exceeding ordinary limit
transpire be revealed; happen
leniancy mildness
libretto text of an opera
lien legal claim on a property
litotes understatement for emphasis
mace ceremonial staff; clublike medieval weapon
malady illness
malaise uneasiness; vauge feeling of ill health
malicious hateful; spiteful
maul handle roughly
kindred related; similar in nature
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