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Fuels & Energy

types of fuels and the types of energy.

What can you say other than heat energy? Name two. thermal and internal energy
What happens when you heat a substance? The particles receive more energy and are able to move faster
Electromagnetic waves is a radiation energy. They are split into 7 groups, according to wavelengths. All groups have different properties and uses. Name each group. radio waves microwaves infrared visible light ultra-violet x-rays gamma rays
Which radiation energy can our eyes detect? visible light
How are sound energy produced? By vibrations or an object. Atoms and molecules move backwards and forwards in an orderly way
The electric charges are given _________ _________ by the battery and carry it to the working parts of a ____________ . This may be a _______, where the energy is changed into light and ________ electrical energy, circuit. lamp, heat.
Any moving object has _________ energy. kinetic energy
If an object is in a position aboce the surface of the Earth, it possesses stored energy called ____________ energy. Name 4 examples of objects with this stored energy. potential energy. books on a shelf, child at the top of a slide, plate on the table, apple growing on a branch..
We use energy in many ways. Cooking food, lighting homes, etc. Energy always changes from one form to another and some always changes into ________ energy. heat energy
Give an example of wasted energy. When turning on a lamp, it produces light and heat. The heat energy is wasted energy.
Many substances are burned to release their chemical energy to provide heat and light. They are called fuels. Name at least 3. wood, coal, gas, charcoal, oil, diesel oil, petrol, natural gas, and wax
Stored chemical energy containts : __________ & _________. food & fuels
Because supply of foossil fuels are limited, what other alternative sources of energy is there? Name at least 3. geothermal energy, wind power, solar power, hydroelectricity
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Created by: hamizah
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