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ncea1 vocab list

babysitten to babysit
backerei bakery
bad bath
bahnhof (train,bus) station
bald soon
banane banana
basteln to do handcraft.make sthg by hand
Bauch stomach
bauen to build
Baum tree
beginnen to begin
bei at the home of
beide both
Bein leg
Beispiel example
bekannt well-known
bekommen to receive
beliebt popular
bequem comfortable
Berg mountain
beschreiben to describe
besonders espechially
bestellen to order
besuchen to visit
Bett bed
bevor before
bezahlen to pay
Bier beer
Bild picture
billig cheap
bis untill
bisschen a little bit
bitte please
blau blue
bleiben to stay
Bleistift pencil
blod stupid
Blume flower
Bluse blouse
Bohnen beens
Boot boat
bose angry,cross
braten to fry. roast
brauchen to need
braun brown
brechen to break
brennen to burn
Brief letter
Briefmake stamp
Brille pair of glasses
bringen to bring
Brot bread
Brotchen breadroll
Brucke bridge
Bruder brother
Buch book
Burg castle
Buro office
bunt brightly coloured
Butterbrot sandwich,piece of bread and butter
Created by: noodle69