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AAA trans & screens

PCAC change auto policy info (name, address, branch, agent, add membership, homes, auto discounts eg multi etc)
When PCAC to change address must remember to what? run through vehicle change (# of vehs)
TRAS find home or auto policy by name (seldom use—brand new polc; an agent will call with new polc- chargins we take their money)
PCML add, delete, or change LIENHOLDERS and addt’l interest
PCVC change info on existing vehicles (VIN, use, territory, garage location, add anti-theft)
PCVA add a vehicle
PCVR replace an existing vehicle i.e. add vehicle and drop existing vehicle
PCVD delete an existing vehicle
PCCC add, change, or delete coverages
PCAS change and update driver assignments
PCDA add driver
PCDC update or chage any info on an existing driver
PCCN to cancel a policy
PCDD del a driver
PCRE release change that was entered and not yet released (eg quote)
PCXX delete change that was entered and not yet produced (make change on something entered same day)
PCDP delete and add points
PCST policy change status
TRPI check for endorsement errors
Mr. Dunn has moved to a new address and needs his auto policy to reflect that- how make that change? PCAC (change auto policy info)
Mr. Anderson wants to know the effctv dt of his policy what screen do you look at? ab
Jack wants to know if his policy is still in force or has it been canceled- what screens? ab, z5aa
Peter wants to know if you have his location correct—on what screen do we check the location address-what is the pathway and in general what is this screen’s function? After polinq: hl sa lu sa  w411- screen inquiry/update basic data
Mr. Daley wants to know what type of discounts he’s getting- what screens for auto and home? auto: ab; home:
Lisa wants to know what type of policy you’re working on- where do we find the form #s? what are they anyway—HO3? HO4? HO6 U4H2 (dwelling detail—our hh base screen) screen polinq: hl sa lu sa HO6- condo; HO4-renters, HO3- homeowner policy.
Mr. Peterson wants to check to see if we have the correct mortgage company on file- what screen/what pathway? polinq: hl sa lu sa—nl  W124
How much deductible am I paying? Screen? from base sel: sl
Was the policy reinstated—what screen? z5aa
T or f : there is an EFT on homeowners. Where would I check that F: no EFT on homeowners--- 4 pay. W52c (payplan)
What are 4 essential info on the w52c- what screen is it anyway? 1) due dates 2) amount 3) date billed 4) balance remaining
Dan wants to know when his last bill was mailed- where? How does the mailing of bills work anyway? w527 (Notice)—billing summary. Bills are mailed out 20 days before. Peeps on EFT still get them- disregard-just to inform.
Bills are sent to mortgage company alone if on EFT- T or F? F- bills sent to insure and mortgage company
Mrs. Daniels is not sure what type of payplan she’s on i.e. her pay plan status- where are two places we can check that? w52c (payplan) look at plancode; “12payEFT” inprogress and z5aa 12 plan automatic otherwise, manual
Ms. Sanders has paid her bill after being issued an OPN; how do we get rid of the OPN? z5cp and enter date
Where do we go to check pliga fee for NJ peeps? w511 (translist)
Mr. Keller wants to know the date of his last payment and what he owes- which screens do we go to? w511 (translist)- S: a T: 01—refunds and 02—payments made (and owed) or z5aa
Always yield to balance on z5aa instead of w511- t or f? T: the z5aa bal is more correct
On what screen do we have to make sure that the client # is clear? What is the function of that screen? w524—invoice list- endorsement screen
Created by: libqueen
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