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Triángulo Capítulo 2

La Salud (Health)

Las Edades Ages
niñez (f) childhood
pubertad (f) puberty
juventud (f) youth
adolescencia adolescence
madurez (f) maturity
vejez (f) old age
Los Desastres Disasters
atropellar to run over
caer to fall
chocar to crash
los cochebombas (m) car bomb
el corte (m) power outage
diluvio flood
epidemia epidemic
huracán (m) hurricane
matar to kill
peste (f) plague
tropezar to stumble, run into
Las Enfermedades Sicknesses
gripe (f) flu
neumonía pneumonia
paperas mumps
resfriado cold
rubéola rubella, German measles
sarampión (m) measles
varicela chicken pox
viruela smallpox
Medicamentos Medications
aspirina aspirin
drogas drugs
jarabe (m) syrup
linimento lintment
medicina medicines
arriesgarse to risk
doler to hurt
a dieta on a diet
contagiarse to get sick
piel de gallina goose bumps
atender to take care of, assist
asistir to attend
la cura cure
el cura preist
embarazoso embarrassed
embarazada pregnant
la frente forehead
el frente front
los reflejos reflexes
el reflejo reflection
aprovechar to take advantage
brotar to break out
mejorar to get better
quebrar to to break, to bend
Dentista Dentist
inyección injection
aguja needle
novocaína Novocain
agudo/a sharp/acute
escupir to spit
escupidor spitter/spittoon
saliva saliva
sangre blood
encías gums
muela molar
diente tooth
sacar to pull/extract, to take out
fresa dentist drill
pulir to polish
caries cavities
taladrar to drill
Las Personas People
doctor/a doctor
enfermo/a sick one
especialista (m,f) specialist
experto/a expert
herido wound
matasanos quack
médico/a doctor
minusválido/a handicapped
paciente (m,f) patient
pediatra (m,f) pediatrician
psicólogo/a psychologist
psiquiatra (m,f) psychiatrist
técnico/a technician
terapeuta (m,f) therapist
víctima victim
El Estrés Stress
agitado/a agitated
ansiar to yearn for
asustar to frighten, to scare
aterrorizar to terrorize
llanto weeping
llorar to cry
lloriqueo whimpering, whining
pánico panic
preocuparse to worry
quejarse to complain
temblar to shake, to shiver
tensión (f) tension
La Terapia Therapy
abuso abuse
aconsejar to advise, to counsel
ajustarse to adjust
apoyo support
calmar to calm
consejo advice
quejarse to complain
tranquilizante tranquillizing
tratamiento treatment
violación (f) violation
células cells
cicatriz (f) scar
espinilla blackhead
glándula gland
grano pimple
grasa fat
hormona hormone
lesión (f) injury, wound
magulladura bruise
nervio nerve
nódulo nodule
poro pore
quemadura burn
quiste (m) cyst
rasguño scratch
roncha swelling, lump
sebáceo/a sebaceous
cabeza head
salud (f) health
enfermedad (f) illness
relajo relax
sueño dream
susto fright
encabezar to lead, to head
saludar to greet
enfermarse to get sick
relajarse to relax
soñar to dream
asustar to frighten, to scare
cabezón/a stubborn
saludable healthy
enfermo/a sick
relajante relaxing
soñoliento/a sleepy, somnolent
asustado/a frightened
cabecera top, head
saludos greetings
enfermero/a nurse
relajación (f) relaxation
soñador/a dreamer
Las Causas Causes
alergia allergy
estilo de vida life style
estrés (m) stress
fumar to smoke
herir to injure
mordisco bite
picadura sting
peligro danger
Las Condiciones Conditions
cáncer (m) cancer
catarro cold
congestión (f) congestion
desmayarse to faint
dolor (m) pain
estornudar to sneeze
fallecer to die
fiebre (f) fever
fractura fracture
hipos hiccups
incapacidad (f) incapacity, incapability
infarto heart attack
insomnio insomnia
muerto/a dead
padecer to suffer
nauseabundo/a nauseous, nauseating
palpitar to palpitate, to throb
recurrir to turn, to appeal
resfriado cold
romper to break
torcer to twist
tirón (m) cramp, pull
Los Remedios Remedies
aliviarse to be/feel better
consultar to consult
cuidar to care
curación (f) cure
descansar to rest
dormir to sleep
energía energy
enyesar to put into a cast
higiene (f) hygiene
masaje (m) massage
muletas crutches
además in addition to
cálido warm
caliente hot
calvario ordeal
capacidad ability / capacity
evitar avoid
fallecimiento death
funcionar to function
grave serious (illness)
morir to die
adolescente teenager
adoptar to adopt
amanecer to wake up
amenazar to threaten
aplicar to apply
aprovechar to approve
arder to burn
arruinar to ruin
atacar to attack
ayudar to help
baño bathroom
bloquear to block
brotar to break out (e.g. in a rash)
cabello hair
calvicie baldness
campo country
crónico chronic (frequent)
cubrirse to cover
cuerpo body
curar to cure
desastroso disastrous
desbloquear to clear
desesperar to despair
desorientación disorientation
dislocado dislocated
disminución decrease
disminuir to decrease / to lower
emergencia emergency
envejecer to age
erradicación elimination
estimular to stimulate
lesionado injured
morder to bite
movimiento movement
muscular muscular
nuca nape of the neck
pecho chest
peinarse to comb
peligroso dangerous
pelo hair
perjudicado the worst affected
pésame condolences
recuperarse to recuperate
remedio remedy
respiro breath
riesgo risk
risa laugh
salvar to save
sanguíneo blood
sano healthy / sane
sebo grease / fat
estar seguro to be certain / safe (healthy)
ser seguro to be safe / reliable
servicio service
severo severe
síndromes syndromes
sudoroso sweaty
tila lime tea
cara face
caso case
causa cause
cita appointment
clínica clinic
conjuntivitis conunctivitis
estómago stomach
examen test
exponerse to expose
extremos extremities
garganta throat
hipodérmica hypodermic
incómodo uncomfortable
infección infection
pie foot
presión pressure
pronósticos prediction
proteger protect
pulmones (m) lungs
pulso pulse
punta tip
puntito dot
punto point
quebrar to break
quimioterapia chemotherapy
radioterapia radiation treatment
rayo ray
tobillo ankle
tocar to touch
tomar to take (ingest)
tumor (m) tumor
Created by: Xander314
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